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If it’s not broke, don’t try and fix it

As this month’s financial town meeting showed, Jamestown residents will turn out to be represented. The 576 voters were the second most in the past 23 years (trailing only the 631 in 2010), and their voices resoundingly were heard. More...

Phrase of the week

I’ll be there with bells on: Early 18th-century Conesota wagons usually arrived at their destinations with bronze bells ringing, giving rise to this American saying. More...

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Support ethics reform referendum this fall

Another view

Editor’s note: Both the Rhode Island House and Senate unanimously approved legislation last Thursday that would put ethics reform on the state’s November ballot and allow the state’s Ethics Commission to investigate and sanction law More...

Lyric of the week

I saw you laugh when the knife was twisted It still hurts but the pain has shifted I’m looking back at the time that drifted by But I won’t cry for the wasted years Cause you ain’t worth the salt i More...

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