2014-10-23 / Editorial

Purchase of PAC Club makes sense for town

This week the public heard a proposal for the town to purchase the Portuguese American Citizens Club. Jamestown’s recreation activities would then be relocated to the PAC Club site.

Town Administrator Andy Nota presented the plans to positive public support. He said the PAC Club offers quarters equal to that of the current recreation hall, with its gymnasium and extra rooms for offices and other activities. An added plus is the fact that the PAC Club offers plenty of parking.

Nota then suggested that the current recreation center on Conanicus Avenue could be utilized as the community’s performing arts center, a site that is definitely needed. The current rec hall could serve as a practice and performing center for groups such as the Jamestown Community Theatre, the Jamestown Community Chorus and the Jamestown Community Band, to name a few.

The proposed PAC Club purchase would mean that the town would not need to put a second floor on the new building that is now being considered at the golf course. And a separate performing arts building would not be needed there, he added. Putting a performance arts building at the golf course was never an ideal solution, in our estimation.

The money that would have been used at the golf course could be moved to the PAC Club project.

We hope that the Town Council continues to investigate the PAC Club purchase. It would seem to solve several problems and give the community the additional space it needs to meet the growing requirements for the town’s recreation activities and performance arts events.

— Jeff McDonough

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