2014-07-24 / Editorial

Islanders alarmed over parking, littering in residential areas

This week we learned that Jamestowners are voicing concern over the number of off-islanders parking overnight in their neighborhoods, wandering the streets at night and having fires on the beach.

The alarm was raised at a recent meeting of the Traffic Committee. Residents reported that a number of out-of-town visitors are essentially creating a nuisance in public rights-of-way. The events are not just confined to one neighborhood but appear to be more of an island-wide problem.

One concern is at Park Dock on the island’s north end. Park Dock overlooks East Passage and is a popular fishing spot. For years there have been ongoing parking problems there, along with numerous complaints about uncontrolled littering.

In the Jamestown Shores, there are complaints about people cooking over fires on the beach, people roaming the streets at all hours of the night and littering. There are also complaints about people using the Shores streets for parking. Islanders said out-oftowners leave their cars behind and all pile into one vehicle to go where ever.

One would also think that this influx of out-oftowners at night could eventually lead to an increase in crime in our island neighborhoods if it continues unchecked.

Neighborhoods are not public parks. In areas where this type of undesirable activity has become a problem it is essential that residents notify police when it happens. That way the police can respond immediately and take action if needed.

The town can also help by increasing signage banning overnight parking in problem areas. The town could also outlaw beach campfires or at least require permits for campfires.

The Town Council should also look into the problem because this is an issue that should be dealt with before it gets out of control.

— Jeff McDonough

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