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Island History

Chopmist Charlie’s, the nautical themed restaurant on Narragansett Avenue, will open its doors for business tonight, reported the Aug. 29, 1996, issue of The Jamestown Press.

“After one bite of my seafood pie, people will be doing cartwheels,” owner Chuck Masso said. He described his Yankeestyle cooking as light on seasonings, heavy on flavor and portions.

The name of the restaurant, which is geared toward residents more than tourists, was influenced by Masso’s childhood home, Chopmist Hill in Scituate. That led to his father’s nickname, Chopmist Charlie, which then graced the family’s fishing boat and now the restaurant.

100 years ago — Aug. 25, 1916 (Newport Daily News)

The Conanicut Yacht Club and the local gentlemen’s club agreed to build a joint home by next season. The two-story building will be 24 feet by 70 feet. It will be built on the site of the present yacht club with the length of the new building stretching onto stone piers over the water.

75 years ago — Aug. 26, 1941 (Newport Daily News)

The Jamestown Town Council voted that deducting the treasurer’s salary would reimburse Newport businesses that needed assistance fixing inaccurate accounts made by his office.

50 years ago — Aug. 25, 1966 (Newport Daily News)

A 30-man unit that included 18 Newport County residents completed its active-duty training at Beavertail Point. To prepare for enemy frogmen and watercraft attempting to penetrate the harbor, the highly trained specialists practiced underwater detection drills.

The men, who must be ready to move in a moment’s notice, now have the mobility to serve either on land or in the sea.

25 years ago — Aug. 29, 1991 (The Jamestown Press)

The Jamestown Town Council voted 5-0 to reject the state’s plans for the cross-island connector. The councilors said the road did not provide adequate access for emergency vehicles responding to the Jamestown Shores.

The council also said the plan did not provide “appropriate circulation for local traffic.”

10 years ago — Aug. 31, 2006 (The Jamestown Press)

The Jamestown Town Council discussed a proposed teen center at 23 Narragansett Ave.

The four-room space, including a fully operational kitchen, above House of Pizza is 50 feet by 40 feet and could be used by 20-25 teens at a time.

The owner of the space, George Dolos, wants $1,500 per month in rent. The town, however, has just $500 per month committed through private sources.

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