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Water will start flowing through an emergency pipeline across the West Passage from North Kingstown as the drought continues to cripple the local water supply, The Jamestown Press reported Sept. 21, 1995.

The town will purchase water from its neighbor for $1.40 per 1,000 gallons. If the total exceeds 3 million gallons, the rate will drop 30 cents per gallon. Roughly 200,000 gallons are expected to flow into town daily during weekdays.

The plastic conduit begins at a fire hydrant on Plum Point, crosses the old bridge, then arrives at a hydrant at Weeden Lane.

100 years ago — Sept. 20, 1918 (Newport Mercury)

With vacation finished, the ranks of farmerettes have been depleted because it is necessary for these women to return to their regular duties.

One woman, however, has canceled her winter engagements so she can continue to provide food to the masses. Miss Dorothy Carrol, who will immediately move onto the farm, said she must make sacrifices because of the war. Miss Wetmore, who is in charge of the work, also is making strides. She has made an appeal to summer visitors of Jamestown to enroll in the farmerette army instead of leaving town.

75 years ago — Sept. 24, 1943 (Newport Mercury)

Adolphus C. Knowles, a former town councilor, state treasurer, municipal clerk, builder of the Bay View Hotel and designer of Central Baptist Church, has died. He was 80.

The last remaining member of his family, Knowles was found unconscious at his Swinburne Street home two weeks ago. He succumbed to his ailment at Newport Hospital.

Born June 22, 1863, Knowles was a prominent member of the Conanicut Grange. He also served as director of the local ferry company. Flags on public property have been ordered to fly at half-mast.

50 years ago — Sept. 21, 1968 (Newport Daily News)

A 28-year-old Maple Street man was sentenced to 30 days in prison after pleading no contest to flattening tires of nine vehicles, including the police chief’s patrol car.

According to police, the man punctured holes in 22 tires using an ice pick in a single night. Along with flattening four tires on Frederick C.B. Smyth’s cruiser, the culprit damaged the chief’s family car. He also flattened a tire on a private car used for rescue work owned by volunteer firefighter Robert VonHoffer.

25 years ago — Sept. 23, 1993 (The Jamestown Press)

The tax assessor will have a new assistant for the 10-year property revaluation mandated by the state: an Apple Macintosh computer.

The Centrus 610 system will replace the paper cards that now contain all property records. This will protect the tax base because it eliminates the risk of cards being misfiled or lost, said Sue Brayman, tax assessor.

The price tag of $20,400 included the appraisal software.

10 years ago — Sept. 25, 2008 (The Jamestown Press)

The state bridge agency voted unanimously to install an electronic tolling system on the Newport Pell Bridge. With this system, Rhode Islanders with an E-ZPass transponder will pay 83 cents per crossing. The cash rate will remain $2 for cars.

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