2005-08-04 / Letters to the Editor


Deer panel suggestions

Really! Formation of a committee takes about a month! It should be evident by passed actions of the Town Council that large committees rarely get anything accom-plished. In this case perhaps it is their aim!

The deer problem is one to be solved immediately. I per-sonally know eight people who have been infected by Lyme Desease. It is no light matter to be ignored.

I, and most people I know, think deer are lovely creatures to observe - but only in their proper enviorment where there is a proper food supply for them - not in a suburb like Jamestown has become.

The quickest and surest way is to have the deer elimi-nated by seasoned hunters.

Jeanne Bunkley


Opinions of former governor

In reference to former Governor Bruce Sundlun's interest in serving as our town administrator, I thought the community should know that on June 2, 2005, he wrote to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC, advocat-ing in favor of the Weaver's Cove LNG Project and stated: "I encourage and urge an expatiated approval at the fed-eral, state, and local levels in favor of the Weaver's Cove Energy facility and its loca-tion".

As a resident of Jamestown and a parent, living within the hazardous thermal radiation zone that would occur in the event of a breach of the vessel from an accident or terrorist attack, I have to question the judgment of anyone in favor of having these 1,000-foot-long, 150-foot-wide LNG tankers transiting the 21 miles up Narragansett Bay, includ-ing some 11 miles alongside Jamestown 140 times a year (and under four bridges).

I urge that the town select someone who would better protect Jamestown's interests.

Christine Bernardo


Ideas for the Town Council I would like to make some suggestions to the Town Council. I don't know if this is the correct format to do so. Please pass this e-mail along to whoever would be able (and willing) to follow through with these ideas.

1. Jamestown residents should receive with their tax bills the following:

A. Sticker to transfer sta-tion.

B. Sticker to Mackerel Cove Beach.

C. Sticker to Ft. Getty.

For Jamestown residents to have to pay for access to their public beachs, Ft. Getty beaches and other areas at Ft. Getty is ridiculous. We are allowed access to Ft. Wetherill and Beavertail without pay-ment, why not every area on the island that is public?

The transfer station is another area that should be open to Jamestown residents without fee. The transfer sta-tion (dump) is listed as a pub-lic service in the local tele-phone directory.

2. Please ban straight pipe motorcycles on Narragansett Avenue. Even better, would be for all motorcycles to be banned from Narragansett Avenue.

The noise of these vehicles is contained because of the buildings on either side of the street and can be deafening to the people trying to enjoy eat-ing at a restaurant, visiting our stores, and those who actually live on Narragansett Avenue. Newport seems to be able to do this. Why can't Jamestown try and do it?

Thank you very much for considering taking action on the above.

Tania G. Biddle

Bay View condo resident

Praise for town's response

The following letter was recently sent to Police Chief Thomas Tighe, currently act-ing town administrator, and copied to the Press:

On behalf of the board of directors and staff of the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (R.I.T.B.A.), I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to Jamestown's pub-lic safety officials and citizens during the power outage of Tuesday, July 19.

The town's police, fire, and medical service professionals must be commended for their performance and coordination with state and federal agencies during this event at a time when the R.I.T.B.A. had to coordinate security services in and around critical structures. Being updated on a timely basis by your police dispatch and patrol divisions was of critical importance to our agency.

As a former public safety director and town administra-tor, it was truly gratifying to see the coordination of private citizens, elected officials, and public employees to ensure the well-being and safety of each of the citizens of this great community.

Again, thank you for all your assistance. Your service as an interim administrator has been exemplary. The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority is proud to call Jamestown our home!

Kenneth M. Bianchi,

executive director

Thanks for JEMS efforts

On behalf of Jude Lyons who lives on Pemberton Avenue, we would like to thank the Jamestown Emer-gency Medical Services.

They are a dedicated group of people who when needed, answer the call with caring and competence. When Jude needed to be transported to his doctor in Providence, they responded quickly and profes-sionally. And when called again the next day, they were readily available to assist Jude again.

The members of the ambu-lance team treated Jude with dignity and respect and helped all of us feel more secure while he was in their hands.

We are truly lucky to live in a town with such dedicated professional volunteers.

Diane Forest, RN,

Lisa Rafferty and all Jude's friends

at Bridges

Playing for a good cause These golfers partici-pated Monday in the Jamestown Gulls Golf League's annual charity tournament at the Jamestown Golf Course. This year's recipient will be the National Association for Autism Research. Players included, from left, Mary Garrett, Milton Brier, Nick Capobianco, Jane Meyers, Emma Coupal, Paula Noll, with organizer Lee Rodman, seated.

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