2005-08-04 / News

New England Solo/Twin results

The New England SOLO/TWIN Championships was held July 29 and 30. Some 45 boats participat-ed. Two courses were assigned to the different classes. The courses, 77 and 94 nautical miles, started west of Goat Island and south of Rose Island in Newport, went around Block Island, headed east to two different marks, then met at the next mark, a buoy south of Narragansett Bay, and finished off Castle Hill in Newport.

The fast boats had good wind all around the course, contrary to the weather forecast. However, the slower boats lost the nice breeze around 3 a.m., depending on where they were on the course.

The slower boats took quite a bit more time to finish the last leg compared to the faster boats. The last boat, Rick McCally of Barrington’s Windswept, was arriv-ing at the Newport Yacht Club while the awards ceremony was going on.

The multi-hulls flew around the course finishing around midnight. Eric Goetz of Pawtucket on Kati G was the first mono hull to finish at 1:27 a.m. on Saturday morning. As in last year’s race, all but one of the boats in Class 1 were designed by Rodger Martin. The lone exception was Velocity, an Open 40 Paris newly owned by Michael Millard of Stamford, Conn.

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