2005-08-04 / News of Record

Police Court

Police Court

Drug charges filed

Joseph M. Carr, 50, of 45 Pemberton Ave. was charged Aug. 3 with drug violations after a 1:30 a.m. traffic stop on Arnold Avenue.

Carr was found to be in pos-session of cocaine, some uniden-tified blue tablets, and two pre-scriptions for Alprazolam and Xanax that were not prescribed to him, police said.

Carr was arraigned yesterday morning in Newport District Court, police said.

Juvenile caught with marijuana

A 17-year-old male was stopped July 30 for a traffic viola-tion on Howland Avenue and found to be in possession of mar-ijuana.

The boy was also charged for driving while in possession of the controlled substance, police said.

He was turned over to Family Court, police added. Driveway sign stolen

A resident of North Main Road told police Aug. 2 that a sign reading "private driveway" was taken from the yard.

Lawn decorations stolen

A woman from America Way told police July 30 that two 12inch-tall pagoda lawn ornaments were stolen from her yard.

Banana taken

A woman from Beavertail Road told police that a decorative banana ornament that hangs from a post, was taken from the end of her driveway.

Newport District Court dispositions from July 15, 2005

+ Joshua Brown, 25, of Peace-dale pleaded no contest to a charge of driving with a suspend-ed license. The license was re-instated, and the charge dis-missed upon payment of court costs, police said.

+ Neil Gaudreau, 43, of 15 Cutter St. pleaded no contest to an amended charge of reckless driv-ing. The charge was filed for one year, and he was assessed court costs, police said.

+ Joann Koehler, 46, of East Providence pleaded no contest to a charge of driving with an expired license. Her $250 fine was stayed until an Aug. 26 review, police said.

+ Scott Lever, 22, of Bangor, Maine, pleaded no contest to a charge of jumping the toll at the Newport Pell Bridge. Lever was ordered to pay court costs and make a $50 contribution to the victims' compensation fund, police said.

+ Stephen Currier, 22, of Essex Junction, Vt., pleaded no contest to a charge of driving with a sus-pended license. Currier had his license re-instated and the charge dismissed upon payment of court costs, police said.

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