2005-08-04 / Upcoming Events

Beavertail Lighthouse tower open Aug. 20

The Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association has announced that the lighthouse tower will be open to the public on Saturday, Aug. 20, from noon to 2 p.m.

Jamestown residents and all other interested people of Rhode Island are invited to view lower Narragansett Bay from one of the most unique locations in the bay.

The tower is open to the public only two times each year because of its continual use as one of the states most prominent and impor-tant aids to navigation.

Built in 1856, the tower is the third lighthouse built on the Atlantic coast. The first was built in Boston Harbor, and the second was on Nantucket Island.

At the top of the Beavertail light, to the south, portions of Block Island can be seen on the horizon. To the far north, outlines of the buildings of Providence can also be seen.

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