2005-08-18 / Editorial

All the island’s news is now online

All the island’s news is now online

This week the Jamestown Press is launching its new Web site at www.jamestownpress.com.

Should you visit our online address you’ll find the complete issue of this week’s Jamestown Press instead of a small sampling of the newspaper’s stories.

Yes, we’ve decided to publish the entire Press online every week. That not only includes all the news, features and pictures, but also all of the display advertisements, classifieds and legal notices.

In addition to having the option of viewing select stories in the traditional point and click Internet fashion, you may also view PDFs of entire newspaper pages.

Why the change?

The biggest reason is value to our readers and advertisers. The online edition of the Jamestown Press will extend our circulation far beyond the shores of Conanicut Island. Our online edition will help our advertisers reach even more customers. One neat feature of placing your advertisement in the Press with our new online edition is that if the advertiser’s Web address is included in the ad in the paper, then the reader can point and click to go there online. It’s that simple to advertise in the Press and reach the world.

Another fun feature of our new Web site is the weekly opinion poll. Each week we’ll ask a question that is pertinent to our island and you can cast your vote. Then you can see how everyone else has voted. We must stress, however, that the weekly polls will be strictly informal and should not be used as an accurate or scientific gauge of public opinion.

It seems that everyone is plugged into the Internet these days. With Wi-Fi we’re becoming ever more mobile. While we’re still reliant on paper, it has become easier to communicate as technologies continue to erase what we once considered concrete boundaries.

We hope you enjoy the new online edition of the Jamestown Press.

— Jeff McDonough

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