2005-08-18 / News

Town Council approves mobile ice cream cart for Spinnakers

With no shrill hawking or other sounds, a single, mobile ice cream vehicle will be used to serve customers at three seasonal sites, but it will not bring any bells, music, whistles or horns to neighborhoods throughout the island, as feared by some officials and residents.

The Town Council Monday affirmed local rules against such widespread street vending, but approved the request of Spinnakers Café to vend its frozen confections, as well as chilled soda, from a three-wheeled, motorized unit described as a European scooter that will visit Mackerel Cove, East Ferry, and Fort Getty daily between 10 a.m. and dusk.

Reviews of the application by police and parks officials led to restrictions that the scooter would be stationed at a specific location at each site and not driven up and down the road at any of the sites. At the cove, officials noted that the scooter must be parked on the beach side of the road. Some previous vending had been done from across the road from the beach and created concerns about safety.

The councilors noted that Fort Getty was not historically a vending site, but agreed to extend the route for Spinnakers. They said the approval did not cover any other sites on the island. Concern about the extent of the scooter’s travels was raised by Spinnakers asking for an “islandwide” permit. The application also asked for a daily permit between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to enable vending for special events, but the council decided Spinnakers would have to apply for single-day permits for such special events earlier or later than the approved seasonal permit.

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