2005-08-18 / News

Rebates for retrofitting toilets back in effect

More than half of the 680 customers of the town water department have not completed required water-saving retrofits of their toilets. They will be served with notices in coming weeks that give them 60 days to do it or face water shut off.

Sitting as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Monday, the town Council voted to continue to offer $50 rebates to the first 225 and a $40 for the 226th homeowner who complete the task within 60 days. Those who do not complete the work in time will be designated as violators, subject to shut off and possible fine, although the amount of the fine was not specified.

Customers were required to complete the retrofits earlier this year. The rebate program for retrofits has been in process since 1999 and was scheduled to end some months ago, but it was continued because funds remained in the rebate account.

According to department records, 291 property owners have completed the work, getting rebates totaling $18,710. Rebates the first year went to 11 homeowners at $117 each; in the second year, to 27 water customers at $125 each; in the third year, to 17 at $100 each; and since then to 247 at $50 each.

Of the remaining 389 customers, a dozen or two have completed the work and are due rebates, but the inspections have not been completed or recorded yet. The remaining more than 300 who must comply will be competing for the limited rebate money. Once the rebate money is gone, the others still must comply or face shutoff, without the benefit of a rebate.

Town Solicitor Lauristan Parks assured the commissioners that the town has the authority to terminate the water service if rules are not followed.

Officials are hoping the rebates will go quickly.

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