2005-08-25 / About Town

Tracking Conanicus An osprey travel update

In early August, Conanicus, a young male osprey from the nest at Marsh Meadows, was fitted with a solar-powered radio transmitter.

The transmitter will enable Rob Bierregaard, a professor at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, to follow the movements of the bird from Jamestown to his wintering grounds in South America.

Data from the tiny “backpack” transmitter is beamed to the Argos satellite that sends the signal back to earth, providing a fairly accurate and updated location of the bird. The map above shows Conanicus’ movements around Jamestown since early August.

For more information on this tracking program, visit the Conanicut Island Raptor Project’s Web site at www.conanicutraptors. com, and click on the osprey tracking page.

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