2005-08-25 / Letters to the Editor

Respect the graves

I was so saddened to read, and then to hear from the owner, about the vandalism that had been done to the Secret Garden, one of this town’s outstanding and beautiful businesses, on Southwest Avenue.

It brought to my mind a conversation I had in early August with a gentleman at the memorial cemetery at Narragansett Avenue and North Road. He told me that he and his sons had spent most of the day replacing tombstones for his grandparents that had been vandalized. His grandfather had been a WWI veteran, and he told me very proudly that he had his grandfather’s ceremonial sword. Also, they had spent a great amount of time retrieving litter (ie. beer cans, broken bottles, etc.) and replacing flags that had been thrown upon the ground from most of the graves in the northeast area.

His most important question was, “Who is responsible for custodial and policing responsibilities for this cemetery?”

What could I answer? “The Jamestown police, the neighbors, the town, the historical society, the veterans’ organization, and the list goes on.” So, it seems that we all have to be a bit more responsible and respect the significance of this historic spot.

I go there twice a week as a volunteer for the Town Tree Preservation and Protection Committee and water the new and memorial trees. At times, it is a very spiritual experience, as well as a chance to pay honor to those who fought to keep this country free. Alas, I also have to pick up other people’s trash!

Therefore, I hope this letter is read by everyone receiving a copy of this newspaper and also being read to your children and their friends. Please respect the graves and memorials to these ancestors and veterans as many of their families still grieve for these loved ones.

If you see me wandering among the trees, please wave or stop to show how much you feel about this historic spot!

Hazel B. Turley


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