2005-08-25 / News

Quest Montessori gets technology grant

Quest Montessori, an elementary and middle school with a number of Jamestown students, recently received a donation of 15 laptop computers from APC, American Power Conversion, a multinational corporation with headquarters in Rhode Island.

The computers will be used in the classrooms at Quest’s new location, on 250 acres off Exeter Road, 12 minutes from Jamestown. Lower elementary students will learn touch typing, and upper elementary/middle schoolers will use the computers for a variety of purposes, including research, science applications, and contact with students from different countries and cultures.

Numi Mitchell, a biologist and naturalist from Jamestown, will be working with the Quest students on a project that will use the technology to track coyotes in the area and learn more about their behaviors and habitat needs.

There are also plans to use the computers in conjunction with Quest’s 30by 50-foot greenhouse, a staple of the middle school science curriculum.

Methods of using sustainable energy sources, such as solar energy, and crop production techniques will be explored. Data will be collected and stored in the computers, with the ultimate goal of reaching a successful business plan for the class’s microeconomy project.

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