2005-08-25 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 during their week-long encampment. Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 during their week-long encampment. The scoutmaster said that Ross Bohensky completed an extensive week of Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) which is a program that teaches team building on a high ropes course.

Adam DiLuglio completed his term as the troop’s senior patrol leader and handed over the responsibilities to Brian Volpe, who was voted in by his fellow troop members. Brian then selected Drew Matley to be assistant senior patrol leader.

“I would like to thank the adult leaders that helped make it all possible. Each took personal or vacation time to stay at camp with the Scouts. They are Diane Archibald, Jim Archibald, Harry Chase, Glen Hopkins, John Keavy and Linda Maclean. Also adult leaders who provided support during the week — John Keavy Sr., Maryann Toppa, Cynthia Waterman, Stephen Walsh and a special thanks to Deborah Richards,” David said. Kudos to all!!!


One of the many fun moments at the annual concerts by the Men’s Chorus of Jamestown is the sing-along. The shower isn’t the only place to exercise your vocal chords. Do it publicly at this year’s concert Saturday beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center.

Chorus Director B.J. Whitehouse is giving everyone a heads-up on what those songs will be if you can identify the origin of the following lyrics:

a. “Now wider and wider our circle expands.”

b. “I long to see your smiling valley.”

c. “Oh, I like to rise when the sun she rises.” Sing On!!!


“Praise the Lord and pass the

?, Praise the Lord we’re on a

mighty ?”

Atotal of 95 segments (learning new skills) and

54 merit badges, 38 of which are Eagle required, were earned by members of Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 during their week-long encampment at the Yawgoog Boy Scout Reservation Aug. 7-14.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe reported that 32 scouts and seven adults attended and the troop earned Honor Troop for the week. The four patrols were presented with Honor Patrol awards. The troop also came in a close second to winning Elmo’s Troop of the Week.

Adult leader John Keavy and Scout Brian Volpe earned their Yeoman segment which requires shooting an arrow from 20 yards to the target and earning a minimum of 120 points around the bulls eye.

Dave said that throughout the hot and muggy week the Scouts engaged in a number of challenges, including ultimate Frisbee against Troop 1, Babylon, N.Y., and a water polo match with Troop 46, Mount Vernon, N.Y.

A Court of Honor was convened on the last day of camp and Scouts were advanced in rank.

Achieving Scout rank were Nick Lutes, Vincenzo Moretti, Hayden Maclean, Ben Normand, and James Perry.

Tenderfoot rank was earned by Shane Farrelly, Eric Archibald, Vaughan Nelson-Lee, Hayden Maclean, and Ben Normand.

The rank of Second Class was presented to Kevin Flanagan, Shane Farrelly, Cameron Toppa, Eric Archibald, and Chris Waterman.

Eric Archibald, Shane Farrelly and Devon McMaster were recipients of First Class badges.

Star rank was earned by Sal Morenzi, Tom Munro, and Michael Brendlinger.

Drew Matley and Brian Volpe achieved their Life rank.


We saw Don Richardson policing and tidying up around the Veterans Memorial at East Ferry. We’re told he’s out there most days.

Thanks, Don, and kudos!!


The Jamestown Community Center will soon be the habitat of all-manner of wildlife including ducks, ducklings, cats, fish, turkeys, hens, chicks, bullfrogs, and who knows what else Artistic Director Mary Wright will come up with?

Mary has announced the cast list for ‘Honk!,’ the Jamestown Community Theatre’s fall production, scheduled to be staged in November.

Matt Bolles will play Ugly, a duck/swan; Jenna Regan, Ida Duck, Ugly’s mama; John Baldwin, Drake Duck, Ugly’s papa; Kay Worden, Divine Grace Duck; and Hope Darrigan, Chanteuse Duck.

Ducklings, Ugly’s siblings, will be portrayed by Justin Dussault, Tiffany Wolfe, Maia White, Ailse Petri, Alexandra Brown, Felicia Faria, Sydney Pazerra, Alison Baldwin, Alex Antonelli and Damien Beecroft.

The Feathered Divine Divas, Holly, Polly, Molly, Folly and Dolly will be played by Hannah Cordes, Erin Brown, Megan Greene, Callie Reis, and Danielle Brown respectively.

Michael Liebhauser will be The Cat.

Rebecca Brazil, Georgia Wright and Patty Vandal have been cast as hens named Maureen, Rosetta and Henrietta.

Two turkeys, Joshua Brown and Greg Glomb will be a Drumstick and a Giblet. Kudos to all. More cast names next week.


Andrea von Hohenleiten thought the fireworks on Aug. 13 were for her. She was celebrating her half birthday that night. Hugs for the pretty lady.


Planning on taking your critter with you on vacation? Better read what Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic has to say in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Summer trips can be fun, but if you’re planning on bringing Fluffy, you should take a few precautions. How many times have you seen a small dog sitting on the driver’s lap looking out the window? A sudden stop or an accident can send your pet flying. A loose pet in a car can also escape when someone opens the door.

“They make special harnesses like seat belts for dogs, and the cat carrier can always be used to transport your pet safely. Of course, make sure the carrier is also secured to the back seat with a seat belt. Some dogs and cats do not travel well in a car, especially on long trips. Consider speaking with your veterinarian about antianxiety medicines before you start traveling. If your pet gets car sick, consider travel-sickness pills and again, check with your pet’s doctor for recommendations and dosages.”


A poem from the Moonbathers:

Walrus, Great Walrus:

What can we say? We sent you a query and you saved the day.

Your response was faster than Super Man in flight.

Walrus, Great Walrus, you attacked it with might.

We now know why some flags fly at half-staff.

Your dogged reporting a credit to your craft!

Many thanks from, The Jamestown Moonbathers

We love those gals!


On that note, a note from Ann Zartler that reads:

“I forgot to write you last week to tell you how inordinately pleased I was that you took on this flags at half-staff issue. I have just been grousing. You, on the other hand, did something!!!! Thanks.

The fireworks were totally amazing. Thanks to you and the other Rocket Dawgz.” We love Ann, too!


B.J. Whitehouse put his Rocket Dawg hat on to say that he’s received inquires about names of fireworks shells.

You can link up to a Nova show that explains many of the shells and how fireworks work at the Rocket Dawg page: jamestownri.com/fireworks/ Boom!!


Tony Rafanelli wrote extolling the sportsmanship and attitude of the Jamestown team he managed in the West Warwick Friendship Tournament last month.

The team was made up of 8through 10-year-olds and was the only island team in that tournament. Three other Jamestown nines competed in the Cal Ripken Babe Ruth state tournaments.

Although winning only one of three contests against Apponaug, West Warwick, and Darlington, Tony praised the way the kids played and their attitude. “Our kids were having fun. You could see it in all three games. Even with the losses, they were still smiling. . . . What is even more significant, is that the tournament officials compliment us each year on our teams’ character, enthusiasm and attitude. I.e., our kids are courteous and truly sports minded. Those compliments mean a lot to those of us who coach, and it’s a credit to the players parents as well,” Tony said.

In addition to Tony, the team was composed of Logan Bradley, Nathan Lambert, Brian Page, Nicolas Rienzo, Tim Archer, Robbie Semco, Ian Archibald, Drew McIntyre, Dan Irwin, Tyler Woodward, Kevin Babich, Matthew Rafanelli, Coach Rob Lambert, Coach Bill Page, Coach Andy McIntyre, Batboy Bruce Page, and Scorekeeper John Rafanelli. Rich Irwin, Dave Woodward and Matt Archer filled in as backup coaches and scorekeeper for the third game. Great job, guys!!!


Tomorow marks the date that women were given suffrage in 1920.


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