2005-09-01 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Last weekend, Barbara Szepatowski spent some of her time

distributing “Hopes & Dreams” money collection cans to island businesses.

The hopes and dreams are for Jamestown critters that find themselves lost or homeless and in need of help.

For years Barbara, as proprietor of Paws & Claws on Narragansett Avenue, has rescued strays, injured and abandoned pets and cared for them until their owners have been located or the animals adopted.

Barbara, who is also a town councilor, must give up her Paws & Claws business on Sept. 15. She’s highly concerned about the fate of needy animals when she no longer has a place to care for them.

She began her campaign for an animal shelter several months ago and was given permission to use the beat-up garages behind the Town Offices building. Those units are now being used to store old records and Recreation Department machinery.

Barbara told us the town is dragging its feet emptying out the garages, delaying her group of volunteers from getting to the task of shoring up the structures, and renovating the interiors.

Barbara told us Friday that other areas of the project are moving forward. Citizens’ Bank has offered a free account for the shelter and Andrea Butola, a certified public accountant, has volunteered to do the books and handle the finances.

If you’d like to help out in some way, by offering donations of your time, building supplies, money, etc., call Barbara at 423-9677.

The island’s critters are depending upon you.


Speaking of critters, our Vallhund Joshua was 9 on Monday. He feasted on our love and two pig ears.


Bonnie Jamison, the island’s chief litter picker-upper and queen of clean is celebrating her birthday today. The head of the town’s Litter Corps has the unenviable task of cleaning up after visitors leave Jamestown.

If you see Bonnie out and about searching for unwanted debris, wish her a happy birthday and give her a big hug. But don’t shake hands.


It was only Tom Wiggin’s second theater audition since he was a junior in high school and the first didn’t work out too well. In his first audition, he tried out for the CBC Players production of “The Crucible.” However, the play never made it to the stage because of army recruitment problems. The play’s author insisted upon a full complement of soldiers as called for in the script.

So, even though he’s “new to this” and “haven’t acted at all” since high school, he “thought about this one.”

Tom, who will turn 48 on Sunday, will appear as Mr. Wilding in the CBC Players “Enchanted April” that opens Friday, Sept. 9, at the Central Baptist Church for four performances.

Tom said that Mr. Wilding is an only child and the last member of his British family. The castle he lives in was built in Italy by his forefathers.

“He survived World War I and is a loner feeling his way through life. He’s an artist, and when he decides to visit clients in Rome, he rents out the castle,” Tom explained.

Rehearsals are going full bore now. Because the play had been scheduled earlier and postponed to this month, much of the basics had been covered earlier so the actors were laid back during the summer. Now they’re “kicked into gear” and are rehearsing every other day now and every day next week.

Tom said there’s an even spread on how many lines each actor has. “I’m comfortable with my part. I have easy conversations in a serious tone but with amusing sidelights.”

Tom is excited about the play and also about it being staged in the new addition to the church.

“They’re a great group of people!”

The play will be presented Friday, Sept. 9; Saturday, Sept. 10; Friday, Sept. 16; and Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church. Break a leg!


We note that the Town Council is all ready into September without having addressed the infested deer problem that surrounds us all. Every day that goes by islanders are at risk. Councilors, make a decision!


The remainder of the cast of “Honk!” to be staged by the Jamestown Community Theatre in November include:

Military Geese made up of Jack Cohen as Greylag, head of the squadron; Kathleen Brown, Dot, Greylag’s wife; Joseph Cohen, Snowy; Jeff Williams, Barnacles; Nina Diepenbrock, Pinkfoot; Caia Diepenbrock, Pate; and Ayla Petrie as Flocka.

Bull Frogs are Vincenzo Moretti, Bullfrog 1; Dana Larkin, Bullfrog 2; and Caleb Brown, Bonkies.

Jackie Richardson is Penny, a Swan, Don Haskell plays Lowbutt, the Goose, and Patty Vandal is Queenie the Cat.

The Jaybird is Ed Silvia surrounded by his chicks, Cindy Wolfe, Laura Dussault and Barbara Haskell.

Ed Silvia will also play a Merman with Barbara Haskell’s Mermaid.

The following actors will be assigned later to various special groups within the production: Lily Wright, Madeline Brown, Caroline Dunn Packer, Else Petri, Kelsey Donohue, Moey Petri, Raeshelle DiValero, Melissa Mastrostephano, Barbara Haskell, Julie Adams, Mariel Mastrostephano, Nancy Kolman Ventrone, Ivy Burns, Liza Gomez and Caitlin Schnack.

Rehersals began last night at the Community Center. HONK!

*** Praise be, the NFL is back!!


You may have a great looking lawn, but you might also be poisoning your pet. Here’s what Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic has to say about that in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Just a few reminders for end of summer yard work. Many lawn-care products and pesticides are potentially toxic to pets. Be sure to store these items where Fluffy has no access to them and after treating lawns and outside areas, restrict pets from these areas until exposure danger has passed (usually a day or more after a good rain).

“Also, remember that many types of summer foliage — among them hydrangea, wisteria, delphinium, foxglove, privet hedge and monkshood — can be toxic to pets as well. Do your best to prevent your pets from ‘dining out’ if you have these plants in your yards!” WOOF!


For those of you who missed the Jamestown Historical Society’s house tour of Horsehead some 10 years ago, here is your last chance.

Jane Bentley, director of programs for the JHS, said the society is opening the house and grounds on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The cost is $15 per person and payable at the entrance on the day of the tour.

“Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Many people missed the last one and asked if the society could open this beautiful home once more. Plan to spend an hour or two as the grounds are lovely and you can stroll along the old carriage trail or walk to the beach or just enjoy the panoramic views of the East Passage,” Jane said.


Anyone seen Willie? A flyer stuffed into our mailbox last week says there’s a lost cat named Willie missing from Lawn Avenue since Aug. 22.

He’s described as orange and white about 18 pounds with a bent over ear. He sometimes sneaks in back doors or garages and people are asked to check their basements.

If you’ve seen Willie or know of his whereabouts, call 560-0080.

We won’t tell who squealed!

As of last Sunday, he was still AWOL. Meow!!


Looks as if the Banana Skulker has returned.


John Doty wonders why the town just put down a new asphalt sidewalk on Conanicus Avenue from Shoreby Hill to the Golf Course. He said that it’s a state road and walkway. John asked why the sidewalks at the school on Lawn Avenue haven’t been repaired instead.


Bob Kinder picked up on our lyrics teaser in last week’s column. It’s that WWII favorite,

“Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition,

Praise the Lord we’re on a mighty mission.”

Thanks, Bob. Bet you hummed that one for a while.


No one picked up on B.J. Whitehouse’s sing-along lyrics from the concert by the Men’s Chorus of Jamestown Saturday night.

The lyrics and the songs are:

“Now wider and wider our circle expands” is from Vive L’Amour.

“I long to see your smiling valley,” — Shenandoah.

“Oh, I like to rise when the sun she rises,” — The Country Life.

We hummed the last one for about a week. SING LOUD!!

*** Hubba! Hubba!

*** Monday is Labor Day. Nuff said.


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