2005-09-08 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

One island couple was keeping a close watch on hurricane Katrina as she made her way across the Gulf towards landfall.

Bud and Norma Walsh’s son, Richard, is living in Hattiesburg, Miss., about an hour drive north of New Orleans. He works as the club pro at the Timberton Golf Course owned by former Jamestowner Ron Hickman Jr.

Bud said the course lost 800 trees and his son lost all the trees around his house which is located on the golf course property. They have no water or electricity.

Last weekend, the golf course crew was working to clear at least nine holes so they can get open again.

During the storm Richard and his wife, Betsy, huddled together in the laundry room. “He told me that it was awful and that he never wanted to go through that again. He said the noise was unbelievable,” Bud related. “But, no one was hurt.”


You have to wonder where Donna Gavin finds the time to memorize lines and attend rehearsals. Yet, when the curtain goes up tomorrow night for the CBC Players presentation of “Enchanted April,” there she’ll be as Lady Caroline Bramble.

When we caught up with her on Sunday morning, she was returning home from 16-year-old daughter Chelsea’s tennis lesson in Newport, and then she was off again to a golf tournament in Mansfield, Mass. To make the whole thing a bit more pressing, Donna came to the play late, taking over the role from Liz Andrews, who went to Great Britain to study drama. When she’s not doing the mom thing she’s an optometrist overseeing her business in Middletown.

Donna credits her other daughter,

12-year-old Hannah, for helping

her with her lines. She also

At 6 last Saturday morning, Ed Booth began a long

journey south “to help whoever I can.”

The fellow Jamestown Rocket Dawg and retired Jamestown Postmaster loaded up his F-250 with a generator, tools, stout lines, 25 five-gallon gas cans filled to the brim and 14 cases holding 84 gallons of water. He was also carrying cash, a GPS, and a computer.

Ed was on his way to the bayou country to help with the relief efforts. He plans to base himself at his sister Judy’s home in Pensacola which is 42 miles from Mobile and a three-hour drive to New Orleans. “There’s more to be done than there are government officials to do it,” he said.

“I’ll concentrate on water and food at first, and then I’ll see what’s best once I’m in the thick of it. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to really plan. I just want to get down there and figure things out.”

He went on to say that once he gets on the scene, “If I see someone who needs either gas, water, or money, I’ll give it to them.”

We learned of Ed’s plans from Jamestown Postmaster Charlie Burns.

While preparing for the trip, Ed said that “people have responded remarkably” with donations of money. If you want to help the victims of Katrina and support Ed’s efforts send a check to Ed Booth, 37 Lee Ave., Newport, RI 02840. It will be deposited into Ed’s account, and he can draw on it with his debit card as needed. It’s a noble cause and you know that your donations will be hand delivered to the people most affected.

Readers can check Ed’s daily progress by going to his Web site, dbooth.net/ed.

*** records the lines and plays them back on the car radio. “Hannah knows the whole play, she’s been a great help,” Donna said.

This is her second production with the CBC Players. She was Rachael, the teacher’s love-interest in “Inherit the Wind.”

Donna came to the Jamestown Community Theatre five years ago when Hannah became eligible to join, and she has appeared in all the fall productions except last year when Hannah had the lead in “Down The Rabbit Hole or What’s a Nice Girl Like Alice Doing in a Place Like This?”

Donna is enjoying being Lady Caroline Bramble. She describes her as “a modern, pre-flapper age woman from the young social generation. She partys hard and is snobbish and elitist. She is also lonely and grieving. She’s a great contrast to the others in the play, who tend to be more quiet and solemn. I get to smoke and drink on stage.”

Donna said that doing “Enchanted April” is “really very wonderful. Everybody is working very hard. It’s great acting with Julie (Andrews) and a small cast. Julie has a wonderful insight into our characters and gives us lots of confidence. It’s a very funny play.”

Donna does admit that she may be a bit nervous tomorrow night.

“My whole staff is coming opening night.”

“Enchanted April” will be performed tomorrow and Saturday and Sept. 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church. Break a leg, everybody!!


The Rocket Dawgz held their first annual dinner meeting Saturday night at the 99 restaurant in Newport.

The four attending members toasted our fifth member who is on a mission of mercy and tabled any further business until November.

After dinner, the Dawgz attended a private shoot at Mackerel Cove beach. KA-BOOM!!


Sept. 17 is Constitution Day. We hope Jamestown School teachers set some time aside on Friday, the 16th, to explain to their classes what the Constitution is and by whom and why it was written.

*** Bob and Betty Kinder responded to our Hubba Hubba by saying it was a song by Perry Como, circa WWII. Hubba, Hubba!!


They’re either too ? or too ?, they’re either too ? or too grassy ?


Jim Pemantell wrote to tell us that there is a free Irish music session every Thursday night from 8 to 11 at the PACC.

Jim, who plays the mandolin, said that Tony Gutierrez of Clinton Avenue played in it last week. “It is really a jam but the Celtic players insist on calling it a session. Last Thursday was the first and it was very good,” Jim said.


The perennial problem of fleas faced by all pet owners is the topic of the Pet Tip of the Week by Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

“Fleas can be frustrating for you and your pets. Eggs and young fleas can survive in your home all year and in your yard through late fall. As a result, it is possible to have a flea problem although you may see few or no fleas on your pets. Biting and scratching on the lower back, tail, and abdomen are common signs of flea infestation in Fluffy. Flea control involves treatment of Fluffy and also of the environment or you will rarely completely fix the problem.

“Your pet’s veterinarian can recommend appropriate flea prevention and treatment programs. Many over-the-counter products can be unreliable or have adverse effects so be sure to use caution and never use products meant for dogs on your cats. Fleas also carry a life-stage of tapeworms so have your veterinarian check your pet for these parasites because they may require a de-worming as well.” Thank you, Doctor. WOOF!


The fire department’s horn is a minute and a half fast but the St. Matthew’s bells are right on the mark.


One of Antonio Riggio’s last activities before returning to his home in Italy Monday morning was to prepare and serve an Italian meal to the Brome family.

The Sicilian had been staying in this country all summer and put the meal together as a thank-you to Fred, Marsha and Caitlin for their hospitality. He whipped up a tomato sauce that was served on homemade pasta from Italy and prepared a caprese salad. Two bottles of wine from Grapes & Gourmet topped off the meal.

Antonio had to run off right after the meal to help prepare pizzas at the Village Hearth, where he has been working part time.

Caitlin said that he expressed his thanks to everyone he met here. She said he found Amercans to be very friendly and generous in welcoming him into their homes. Come back soon, Antonio.


Note to the Jamestown Moonbathers: The flags were at half staff Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday by order of President Bush in honor of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. They continue at half staff in memory of the victims of hurricane Katrina.


David and Lisa Brown are cochairs of the Prop Committee for the Jamestown Community Theatre’s production of “Honk!” They will be assisted by Lydia Babich and Julia Held.


Speaking of “Honk!” the ducklings now have names: Justin Dussault is Wings; Tiffany Wolfe, Beaky; Christopher Babich, Downy; Alison Baldwin, Waddle; Felicia Faria, Quackers; Sydney Pazera, Crackers; Brooke Reis, Shelly; Alexandra Brown, Fluffy; Alex Antonelli, Webbie; and Damien Beecroft, Malcolm. QUACK!


Does Dr. Hatch know the JCT has Fluffy?


If you didn’t make it to the Jamestown Community Chorus’ Talent Show then you missed Lynn Normand’s “Discover Hidden Talents of Jamestown Picture Show.” If you did see it, you probably want to see it again.

Lynn, who produced the 15minute presentation set to music, has donated it to the library. It’s recorded on DVD and can be viewed there.


If you’re thinking about the critters down in bayou country, Beth Weibust sent along an information sheet that says the Humane Society of the United States has its trained Disaster Animal Response Teams plus rescue vehicles doing their job in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The society’s entire relief effort is funded by citizens’ donations. The fund is getting low. You can help by sending a check made out to HSUS Disaster Relief Fund and send it to HSUS, Dept. DRFHBM, 2100 L St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20037. WOOF!!


Sunday is Grandparent’s Day though it never really caught on.


We welcome your contributions to this page — items such as birthdays, anniversaries and other good stuff.

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