2005-09-15 / Editorial


A local shares

his views of

Katrina’s wake

Retired Jamestown Postmaster Ed Booth decided he had to do something after Hurricane Katrina tore through the south with an unmatched legacy of destruction. So Ed packed up his pickup truck and headed south to offer his help in the relief efforts.

Fortunately for us, Ed has embraced the technology of the Internet. Ed has his own on-line blog and has detailed what he has seen while helping those who have been so deeply affected by the hurricane. Ed has also posted a number of pictures online.

Our thanks to Ed for taking on the monumental task of helping out down south. He has done something that many of us wish we could do. And we are thankful that Ed has taken the time to share his experiences with those of us back home.

Look for Ed’s blog at www.dbooth.net/ed

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