2005-09-29 / Editorial

Time for progress on the deer problem

There are many islanders who believe that it’s time for the town to do something about the growing deer problem. People complain about deer destroying the vegetation in their yards and argue that deer can be blamed for health problems.

One solution to the deer overpopulation is culling the herd through hunting by hiring sharpshooters. However, we have our share of fellow islanders who adamantly believe that hunting is inhumane and wrong.

Other possible solutions include deer contraception, but experts say that it remains an expensive option.

Meanwhile, Jamestown’s deer herd keeps growing. Without any natural predators, there are no easy choices for controlling the population.

We could study this issue for years and make no progress. The town should choose the hunting option for the short term while determining a more humane way to control the deer population in the future.

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