2005-09-29 / News

Wanted: Halloween haikus at the Jamestown library

The Jamestown library is inviting children, teens, and adults to submit their original Halloween haikus, with or without an illustration, by Monday, Oct. 17, to the circulation desk of the library at 26 North Main Rd.

Haiku is the world’s shortest form of poetry. It originated in Japan and is made up of three short lines. It tells something about nature and about a slice of life from the poet’s own point of view.

The traditional form is that the first and third lines are made up of five syllables and the second line contains seven syllables.

You, too, can pen a haiku! Ask for examples. We have several books in the library with examples. There will be one book on reserve at the circulation desk for your perusal called “/Haiku: Asian/ /Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids/” by Patricia Donegan.

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