2005-10-06 / News

North Kingstown High School cheerleaders raise funds to go to national championships

By Sam Bari

The NKHS cheerleading squad includes Jamestowners Kalyn Stark (2nd row, 2nd person) and Rochelle Rose (2nd row, 6th person). Not pictured is Abby Durand. The NKHS cheerleading squad includes Jamestowners Kalyn Stark (2nd row, 2nd person) and Rochelle Rose (2nd row, 6th person). Not pictured is Abby Durand. Jamestowners Kalyn Stark, Rochelle Rose, and Abby Durand are on a team of 23 young women cheerleaders at North Kingstown High School. They were the 20032004 Rhode Island state champions, and the team placed second in the 2004-2005 state competition.

They are focused, dedicated, and practice for hours every week. Their hard work has paid off. Now they have been invited to compete for the national championship in February of 2006, in Orlando, Fla. The only problem is, they have to get there. The funding for the cheerleading squad was cut from the school budget at the end of last year. If the team is going to Florida, they will have to pay their own way because they are now self-funded.

An enterprising group of mothers has come to the rescue and formed a volunteer fund-raising committee chaired by Eva Mancuso. These dedicated women know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these young ladies, and they are determined to take this deserving team to Florida. Consequently, they have implemented a program to raise the needed $30,000 to cover expenses for the trip. Now they are asking for community support. Anyone wishing to participate in the fund-raising efforts can be involved in several ways, beginning with attending a football game where they can see these young cheerleaders perform.

Currently, the group is holding a 50/50 drawing at all North Kingstown High School home football games. Tickets are $1 for one, $5 for six, and $10 for an arm’s length of tickets. The last two winners averaged $150 each.

Tickets for a car raffle will also go on sale on Friday Oct. 7 at the North Kingstown High School football game. Raffle tickets are $25 apiece and the prize is a 2006 Nissan Sentra from Smithfield Nissan worth $18,000. The drawing will be held on Dec. 15.

On Oct. 23, a buffet style barbecue and a silent auction of gift baskets will be held at Duffy’s tavern at 235 Tower Hill Rd. in North Kingstown. Tickets will cost $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12. Dinner will include a cup of chowder, barbecued chicken, roasted red potatoes, and corn on the cob.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the auction should call Sheryl DeVane at 423-3401. Contributions of gourmet food items, dinner certificates, and jewelry or small gifts are welcome.

Corporate sponsorships are also available. And since the cheerleading program is a school-sponsored activity, corporate donations are fully tax-deductible. Three categories of sponsorship represent different levels of participation.

Agold sponsorship of $500 will put the sponsor’s company logo on the competition T-shirts worn by the team, their parents and families. Gold sponsors will also receive a plaque indicating their participation, as well as an 8by10-inch autographed photograph of the team.

A silver sponsorship of $350 gives sponsors a plaque for their office indicating their assistance in the program and an autographed photograph of the team.

And a bronze sponsorship of $200 warrants an 8by 10-inch autographed photograph of the team.

Anyone who wants to participate in the corporate sponsorship program or who has questions about the fund-raising efforts should call Sheryl DeVane at (401) 423-3401.

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