2005-10-06 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Last year’s event drew more than 250 islanders who enjoyed the 125 creatively carved pumpkins.

Maryann Toppa is in the process of wrapping up the planning for this year’s Spooktacular. There is no admission fee, but donations will be accepted. Stay tuned!!


Kudos to the Jamestown School’s fifth grade for donating $300 to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Teacher Pat Cook reports that the money was sent to Ed Booth for distribution directly to people in immediate need. Great job!


If we were to judge actors by honks, say one to five, we’d have to give 9-year-old Dana Larkin five big honks for the progress she has made in the Jamestown Community Theatre since joining when she was 7.

“Honk!”, to be staged by the JCT next month at the Jamestown Community Center is the Jamestown School fourth-grader’s fourth play with the group. She appeared as a crab in the JCT’s adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland,” was a student in “Anastasia,” and in the chorus for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

“This is my biggest role yet,” she told us, explaining that on stage she is Bonnie the Bullfrog and does most of the singing in one scene. She added that she “pretty much” knows her lines

from the scene.

The song she sings is “Warts

The Friends of the Jamestown Animal Shelter are in

need of volunteers to help at its fund-raiser “A Day at the Park” Saturday, Oct. 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lt. Col. John C. Rembijas Memorial Pavilion at Ft. Getty.

The group was formed by Paws & Claws owner and Town Councilor Barbara Szepatowski, who wants to convert garage and storage facilities behind the Town Offices into an animal shelter. She told us on Saturday that volunteers are needed at the event to man booths and to help where ever possible. She urged people who don’t have dogs to come anyway. If you can help, call her at the shop, 423-9677, or on her cell, 354-9200.

Activities will include a yard sale. Tables are available at $15 each, and there will be refreshments.

Featured events will be a doggie fortune teller, “OPI” doggie manicures, pet photos, paw print plaster of Paris plaques, pet adoptions, Frisbee toss and dog jumping competition, bobbing for bones, animal blessings, and airbrush tattoos for kids. It’s a great cause. WOOF!!


The hit of last year’s Halloween season will be back again.

The second annual Boy Scout Troop 1 Pumpkin Spooktacular will take place Friday and Saturday, October 28 and 29 at the Toppa residence on Beach Avenue. and All” and it’s directed at Ugly, the play’s lead. “It tells him that it’s OK to be ugly and not to worry about his looks because bullfrogs are ugly, too. Someone will find him attractive,” Dana explained.

The play has become a family affair for the Larkins. Dana’s sister, Talley, 10, is working backstage, mom, Durga, is house manager, and dad, Michael, is working the public relations end.

Dana has been studying voice with the play’s musical director, Patty Vandal. “I love to sing, and this play is the most fun yet. It’s a very funny show.”

Dana pointed out, though, that a very important part of the play is its lesson that “it’s OK to be different.” Five honks for Dana!


Our weekly Sunday morning runs to the dump are always brighter when we pass the horticultural delights at the Froberg compound.


The Jamestown Baseball Association will be holding a series of informal informational meetings throughout the remainder of this year and into January and February.

Tony Rafanelli, chairman of the association, said the purpose of the meetings is to give baseball parents a chance to receive information on the league, know the various age group divisions, and answer questions about how players are picked and what the league looks for in determining player divisions.

“We are doing this over the next few months in order to help get parents’ questions answered earlier than later when the season begins.The meetings will be held on different days of the week in the evening in order to give parents with different schedules an opportunity to attend. They should not last more than an hour, but league representatives will stay as long as necessary. Parents need to attend only one of the meetings. Check the Press for information about when and where the meetings will be held,” Tony said.

He added that parents can call him anytime at 423-3954.


Young Jamestown women of almost a century ago were as admired by young men as they are today.

A reader sent in an article from a 1907 issue of the Newport Daily News that pointed out young ladies from the island were much sought after by young Navy officers.

The paper said, “The men with brass buttons all look for the Jamestown girls at the dances at the ORT or on board a visiting battleship. Jamestown is noted for its spirit of wholesome fun. The Jamestown girl is characteristically American. Often she comes from St. Louis: she will receive you cordially. The Jamestown girl will hold out her hand and smile at you trustingly. She is quite unaffected: she never tries to be English in her speech or offensively Parisian in her dress. The Jamestown girl plays golf, sails a knockabout, and can drive her own machine, which, by the bye, is the only word permissible in society when speaking of automobiles. The Jamestown girl never speaks French when everyone present understands English. Chocolate ice cream soda is her favorite drink. As for cocktails, she takes only the cherry from the bottom of her brother’s glass. Her evening frocks are fluffy, with girlish ruffles and frills. They are innocently coquettish with a Dutch neck, and perhaps she wears a single string of pearls. Often her hair is naturally curly, but seldom marcelled. She is a winsome, wholesome American girl.” Yes, she is!


Perhaps if the Town Council delays a decision long enough, we can corral the island deer in to the new highway barn.


Keller DiLuglio e-mailed regarding our lyrics quiz, “five minutes more, now I can’t stop singing that old Frank Sinatra classic.”


You may think you’re doing your pet a favor by “dropping” a table scrap during dinner, but Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week urges you to think again.

“Not all treats and table foods are as safe as we would like to think for Fluffy. There has been new data compiled regarding toxicity from grapes and raisins in dogs (and probably cats and ferrets, too) and you should avoid using these as treats. Currently, it does not appear that all dogs are susceptible, but do you want to take that chance?

“Other common food items that can cause poisonings are items with caffeine, chocolates, garlic, and onions. So, please, do your best to stick to treats intended for dogs or clear any table food with your animal’s doctor before feeding it to your precious Fluffy!” WOOF!


The Knights of Columbus Council #9197 will offer a Primo Pasta dinner from 6 to 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 15, in the St. Mark Church Hall.

Grand Knight David LeDoux said that all islanders are welcome to attend.

Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for children 4 to 12 years old, and free for youngsters 3 and under. Two parents and all their children under 12 years old can purchase a family ticket for $18. Mangia!!


Members of Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 participated in the Quequatuck District’s annual Webelos Jam at Camp Aquapaug the weekend of Sept. 23.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said that event is put on by the Boy Scout troops with the Quequatuck District to introduce the Webelos cubs to Boy Scout activities.

“Each Boy Scout troop puts on a project to engage the Webelos in teamwork. This year Troop 1 ran the radioactive isotope event during which a team of eight Cubs must move a canister of ‘radioactive waste’ using seven 10-foot pieces of rope attached to a rubber ring. Seven Webelos each grab one piece of rope and one must call out the instuctions on what to do. The object is to get the rubber ring around a can by maneuvering the ropes. After this is accomplished, the can must be moved 10 feet and placed in an 18-inch circle. All this while, the people holding the ropes are blindfolded,” Dave explained.

He said the event teaches the Scouts communication and teamwork.

Troop 1 Scouts participating were Sal Morenzi, Devon McMaster, Dylan Walsh and Madison Hansen. There were no Webelos from Jamestown. Great job, guys!


Wednesday is Columbus Day! Do something Italian.


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