2005-10-13 / Editorial

Your help is needed at the playground

The Jamestown Community Playground, adjacent to the library on North Main Road, is in dire need of repairs and upgrading. Islanders are needed to help with the construction work on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21-22. Information forms have been available for weeks, but the community’s response has been slow. The applications have been trickling in when they should be pouring in, organizers say.

Forty volunteers are needed on Friday to do the prep work. Another 100 volunteers are then need on Saturday to make the actual repairs and improvements.

Organizers say volunteers need to step forward now so they can plan how the work will be accomplished. Volunteer forms are in many locations around town and can also be downloaded from the town Web site.

Islanders of all experience levels are needed. Organizers will be able to use your help. Older teens are welcome to help, but younger children will not be allowed to participate.

The manufacturer, Learning Structures, will organize the teams and manage all repairs and upgrading tasks.

There will be food, refreshments, and child care for volunteers. Assistance is also needed in those areas for anyone who wants to contribute or participate.

When the playground was first built 15 years ago, it was a top-of-the-line facility. Since then, national safety standards have been updated, and our playground needs to be upgraded to meet the new regulations. When the playground was completed over a single weekend in 1990, it won national awards and received other recognition as an example of what a community playground should be. For years, the playground has been a source of pride for our town, and with your help, it can be again.

Volunteer your time and talents for this worthwhile cause. Our children deserve to have the best possible. With your participation, the Jamestown Community Playground can again set the standard for other towns to follow.

You can download the volunteer form by visiting the Jamestown Web site at www.jamestownri.net and clicking on the Parks & Recreation door. Then click on the Community Playground Project. Forms are also available at the Community Center. If you have questions concerning times and other information, call 423-7260 or 423-7211.

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