2005-10-13 / Letters to the Editor

Let’s keep our shoreline clean

Let’s keep our shoreline clean

How great to read in last week’s Jamestown Press that the problem of shoreline debris is being addressed.

It is such a pity that the natural beauty of our shores becomes unsightly and dangerous dumps. Much attention and work has been devoted to keeping roads and sidewalks clean of man-made junk — granted not always completely successfully. But walk the beaches of Jamestown and see the disgusting clutter of bleach bottles, motor oil jugs, rope, plastic beverage and water bottles that continually wash ashore. In the past few months, I have filled four extra large paper bags with such a collection from a few hundred yards of shoreline. And there is now another accumulation waiting.

How tempted I am to take those bags to the center of town and dump them along the sidewalk or on the green. How long would it be before I would be arrested (and rightfully so) for gross littering?

So why are a handful of careless fishermen and boaters allowed to freely litter with absolutely no penalty. With the license to put out lobster pots, there should be included the absolute mandate for proper floats, not discarded jugs carelessly tied that all too often break loose.

Yes, it no doubt would cost something extra for such, but then the chance of proper attachment would be greater, would it not?

This is not the first time this subject has been addressed. It is, however, past time that something be done about it. Removing large debris such as the camels described last week certainly is necessary. But let’s get at the whole problem and try to keep our shores as clean of junk as we do our roads and sidewalks.

Helen A. Richardson

Racquet Road

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