2005-10-13 / Letters to the Editor

Cleaning the bay

We at Clean The Bay would like to thank the Rhode Island Delegation for taking the time to respond to the growing problem of debris in and around Narragansett Bay and sending a letter to the Secretary of the Navy.

Senator Reed and Senator Chafee were instrumental in helping us with valuable direction. We especially want to thank Congressman Kennedy for taking the time to come out and see the problem firsthand. As Congressman Kennedy explained, the Navy is committed to the well-being of Narragansett Bay and the debris was the byproduct of a wartime era. The Navy’s tremendous resources, experience, and sensitivity toward environmental restoration will be a great asset in this endeavor.

We all agree that it doesn’t matter how or why the debris got to the shoreline. All we want is assistance in removing it. We need help, not just from the Navy, but ordinary citizens who care to clean the bay. Please take a moment and look at our Web page at www.cleanthebay.org. Thank you,

Captain Ed Hughes and Captain Alan Wentworth

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