2005-10-13 / News

‘A decision should be made now about the deer management problem’

By Sam Bari

'A decision should be made now about the deer management problem'

"Doing nothing is no longer an option on the deer issue," said Chairman Chris Powell at the Oct. 11 meeting of the Conservation Commission.

"A decision must be made before the situation becomes unmanageable," he said.

The commissioners discussed at length all possible avenues to encourage making a decision on an approach to this problem, including a revised memo to the Town Council. Powell will now compose a new, comprehensive memo that clearly states the commission's recommendations.

The memo will emphasize the urgent need for a decision. "It is important that we are proactive on this issue," Powell said. "We stand behind our recommendation for harvesting as the most efficient method of managing the herd. All methods of management should be explored, including contraception. However, contraception is a long-term, costly solution that requires handling of the deer. A contraception program could take as much as a decade to be effective. Meanwhile, we have immediate and short-term considerations that must be addressed. A decision on this issue needs to be made now, not only for the sake of <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href=

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