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Witches, ghosts and goblins are haunting Ship Street

By Sam Bari

Alison Hartley and her dog Bailey play hosts at their Halloween house at 1 Ship St. in the Jamestown Shores. Photo by Michaela Kennedy Alison Hartley and her dog Bailey play hosts at their Halloween house at 1 Ship St. in the Jamestown Shores. Photo by Michaela Kennedy Goblins and ghosts, warlocks and bats, skeletons, scarecrows and witches with hats — all can be seen if you want a good scare, but even the brave would do well to beware of the Halloween House on Ship Street.

A walk through the dark forest and up the lane on the night of a full moon to the very end takes those who dare to take a long driveway that leads to this special place. Off in the distance sit two giant glowing pumpkins. One plays host to an emerging ghost, and the other is a perch for a witch on a broom. Both guard the ghoulish guests that have gathered at this dwelling for the yearly haunting.

A scarecrow welcomes visitors at 1 Ship St. A scarecrow welcomes visitors at 1 Ship St. Kristen Hartley, a happy lady with an infectious laugh, resides with her family of four at this colorful house, the last property marking the end of a dead end street in the Jamestown Shores.

“Last year, hardly any kids were brave enough to walk up the driveway so they could see everything up close,” Kris laments. “It was kind of disappointing. But this year, since we’ll be in the paper and we’re telling everybody about it, we’ll probably get a real good turnout. Although, I’ll probably be out trick-or-treating with my own kids, so we might not even be here,” she continued.

Allison, who just celebrated her seventh birthday, and Matthew, age 3, play with Bailey the dog amongst the extensive decorations that they take for granted. Kris, their mom, has been decorating for holidays since she was small, getting her inspiration from her mother, Florence, who lives at 747 North Main Rd. with her husband, former Jamestown Fire Chief Pres Froberg. Their house was featured in the Jamestown Press last year for their Halloween decorations.

“Lavish decorating is a holiday tradition in our family,” said Kris. “We just love to go all out decorating our houses inside and out. It helps us enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.” Many of the decorations, like the scarecrows, are handmade, crafted from straw, old clothes, and a vivid imagination.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Kris is an emergency medical technician and a member of the Jamestown Fire Department. She also works a full-time job with Met Life Insurance. Travis Hartley, her husband, works for Clinical Data Systems, a pharmaceutical company in Smithfield.

After a 13-year absence, Kris moved back to Jamestown with her family. Three of the years that she was away were spent in Virginia, where she was stationed with her husband, who was in the Navy at the time. Two years ago, the family built their home on Ship Street.

“I hope you come back at Christmas,” Kris said with a smile. “The house will really be spectacular then. We have to do all we can to keep up with my mom.”

And we’re sure you will, Kris. Don’t miss out. See the haunted house at 1 Ship Street for a ghoulishly good time this Halloween.

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