2005-10-20 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

teller, music and snacks from 7 to 11 p.m. for the more mature monsters. KAWOOOOooooo!


With all the talk these days about emergency evacuations, it just doesn’t seem right that we should be dropping a bridge.


With another power outage last Friday morning, does anybody besides us miss the old backup generators on the late great Eldred Avenue?


At least the names Newport Electric and then Narragansett Electric made us feel they were close at hand when things went black.

But, National Grid?

“Yes, sir, we’re sending a truck in right now from Kansas.”


The Jamestown Community Theatre’s production of “Honk!” has an international flavor in the person of Pauline (pronounced Pauline-a) Voss, a citizen of Germany.

Pauline, who turned 17 on Tuesday, came here in August as a one-year exchange student and is staying with the Mastrostefano family on Cutter Street. She is here from Britz, a town some 50 kilometers from Berlin. It was about a year ago when Pauline applied for the full scholarship to be an exchange student. “It was the only one like it in all of Germany. There was so much competition I didn’t think I’d get it.” But, she did. She is taking her

junior year at North Kingstown

High School.

Kudos to Ms. Haskell’s Jamestown School

kindergarten class that last week harvested its potato crop from the class’ garden on Melrose Avenue.

The young farmers cleaned their bounty and ended up with a final count of 101 spuds.

The potatoes were taken to Lucy’s Hearth in Middletown by class member 5-year-old Sam Cowan and his family.


Islander Matt Largess, coach of the North Kingstown High School Sailing Team, and his twin sons, Gary and Pete, who sail on the team, participated in an interview in the Pro-Jo by the paper’s sports writer Carolyn Thornton last week.

Matt summed up the sport of sailing by saying, “Sailing is a test of many skills. You’re on the ocean with the wind as your engine. You’ve got yourself and your crew, and you have to figure out how to go faster than everyone else.”


If you want to try to drain some of your kids’ energy before Halloween, the PTO and Teen Center are teaming up to present the Monster Bash 2005 to be held Friday, Oct. 28, at the fire station.

Little monsters through the sixth grade are invited from 4 to 7 p.m. to participate in games and enjoy music and food. Kids and parents are encouraged to come in costume. Prizes for best costume will be awarded each hour.

When the little tykes go home, the Teen Center will take over and provide scary movies, a fortune

When Melissa Mastrostefano and her daughter Mariel, 14, auditioned for “Honk!”, they asked the play’s artistic director, Mary S. Wright, if Pauline could join the production. Melissa thought it would give her a way to meet people and spend some free time.

Pauline became a member of the “Honk!” chorus and also plays the part of an old woman. She speaks 10 lines.

Language is no problem for Pauline. She speaks better English than most of our relatives. In Germany, it’s mandatory that they study English beginning in the fifth grade.

And, she is no stranger to the stage. At home, she has sung in choirs and acted in after-school drama clubs. They do not study drama in school in Germany, so she is taking advantage of drama classes taught at North Kingstown.

She is also an accomplished musician, having studied piano for seven years. “I love making music,” she said, noting that she also plays guitar and, of course, sings. Music and drama take up her free time at home in Germany.

Pauline likes “Honk!” “It’s cute and kind of funny,” she said.

She is, however, a bit overwhelmed with the size of the JCT. “Drama clubs I’ve been associated with have maybe 15 to 20 people.”

Melissa said her family is enjoying Pauline’s piano playing. “She seems happy, upbeat, and excited to be here.”

Near Britz there are only a few large lakes, so Pauline said she’s enjoying being so close to the sea. “It’s really nice.”


Maryann Toppa, who is organizing the Boy Scout Troop 1 annual Pumpkin Spooktacular, took a look out the window at the rainy weather last week and declared that the event will be held this year rain or shine.

The popular Halloween display of more than 125 pumpkins will be held on two nights, Oct. 28 and 29, from 5 to 7 at the Toppa residence, 30 Beach Ave.

In addition to the show, there’ll be spooky treats and a raffle.

Everybody’s invited to bring in a carved pumpkin. Maryann said she’s hoping for 200 entries this year. She added that already she’s received a good response from the business community.

KAWOOOOOooooooo Hey daddy, I want a ? ? ? ?


When you take your vitamin pill in the morning you might want to share the moment with your pet, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Just like people, Fluffy may benefit from vitamin supplements to help a variety of body systems and conditions. Most pet foods today are balanced and provide all the nutrients a pet would normally need, but as pets age their food may not provide enough.

“Vitamin B complex is a very safe water-soluble supplement that will help with fatigue and improve appetites. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and enhances immune function. Vitamin E is another anti-oxidant and will help with skin conditions. Look for supplements with doses formulated for the size of your pet and consult your animal’s doctor with any questions. Next week we will mention other available supplements besides vitamins.” WOOF!!


It’s off again to the mountains for Boy Scout Troop 1.

Members will depart tomorrow evening for a weekend of camping at Camp Wanocksett in Jaffrey, N.H.

The Scouts will set up camp on arrival and the next morning hike to the summit of Mt. Monadnock. The rest of the day will be spent exploring the camping area and fishing in Thorndike Pond.

The troop will be back on the island by noon Sunday.


Kudos to the stone masons who scrunched down under a tarpaulin in pouring rain last week to help complete work on the restoration of St. Mark’s “Our Lady of Fatima” statue in front of the church. Great job!


Bailey McCrea, 10, was the Beanie Babie winner in the September drawing at the R&R Gallery at East Ferry. The fourthgrader is the proud owner of a Sponge Bob Tuxedo.


Bob and Betty Kinder have the correct lyrics from last week’s column. “I’ll get by (as long as I have you). Wedding bells (are breaking up that) old gang of mine.”

Charlie Masso responded with “I’ll Get By,” as did Patty Vandal.

Barbara-Ann MacIntosh of Harmony Heritage e-mailed, “As any good barbershopper would tell you or sing for you...’ Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine.’”

Is that the Dunbarton clan of MacIntoshes?


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