2005-10-27 / About Town

Walk or bike to school day tomorrow

Rolling Agenda, a Jamestown volunteer group, has organized a walk or bike to school day for this Friday, Oct. 28. Kids in town can meet a Rolling Agenda adult volunteer at the following corners:

• Green Lane and High Street, 7:50 a.m. for bikers, 7:35 for walkers.

• High Street and Southwest Avenue, 7:55 a.m. for bikers, 7:45 for walkers.

• Clinton and Narragansett avenues.

• Narragansett Avenue and North Main Road.

All kids participating in the event are encouraged to use two routes to school:

North Main Road to Watson Avenue, by Cumberland Farms, and down Narragansett to Lawn Avenue.

Parents are encouraged to walk and bike with their children to share the exercise and have a fun time with them.

Rolling Agenda is a volunteer group working together to create safe opportunities for children and adults to bicycle on the island, and to encourage adults and children to ride bicycles for recreation and as part of daily living.

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