2005-10-27 / Editorial

Let’s make our island’s fields of dreams green

Let’s make our island’s fields of dreams green

A group of island parents have offered what appears to be a sensible solution to improving the island’s ball fields at the Lawn Avenue School.

The parents say they will raise the money and provide the labor to bring these ball fields up to an acceptable standard. At present, they say, the ball fields are unsafe and are an embarrassment.

In exchange, the parents want the town to guarantee the necessary ongoing maintenance for the ball fields. They have asked that the funding be earmarked in the annual budget.

The Town Council and the School Committee have indicated that such a volunteer effort by islanders is the best way to assure that the ball fields will be in top notch condition for next year. The town and the school must now determine who will be responsible for the maintenance.

Our island’s ball fields could again become the fields of dreams for our kids.

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