2005-10-27 / Letters to the Editor

Volunteers help at the playground

The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department would like to give a huge thank-you to all of the hardy, dedicated volunteers who turned out last Friday and Saturday to help rebuild our Community Playground.

Although the weather was particularly bad on Saturday, at least 90 percent of the planned work was completed due to the perseverance of the volunteer crew and the expert leadership of our Learning Structures project supervisor.

The best news is that all of the identified safety hazards have been addressed, and all major construction is complete.

The remaining work consists of painting or sealing all of the wooden surfaces, fence repairs, spreading more sand, and rehabilitating the stone dust pathways.

The Recreation Department crew will be hard at work this fall to complete those tasks. Many volunteers however, have expressed interest in a followup project to help with the remaining work as well as to add some new structures to the playground.

When the final report on the project is received from Learning Structures, with their recommendations for followup work, our committee will meet to review it and plan a course of action to keep our playground in the best possible condition

There is not room here to individually thank everyone who helped so much on the project. So once more, we express our appreciation to all who donated equipment supplies and food, and everyone who worked so hard. See you at the playground!

Matt Bolles, director of Parks and


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