2005-10-27 / News

Old Jamestown fire fighting photos and movies are sought

Firefighter Ken Caswell wants everyone in town to take a look in their attics and closets for old photos that have something to do with the Jamestown Fire Department.

Caswell, who is the archivist for the volunteer department, wants to copy and preserve photos and movies that depict firefighters in uniform, parades, fire trucks, and the actual fighting of fires in town.

Using digital technology, Caswell said, he can scan the old photos “in any condition, even ripped,” and repair and store them on CDs and DVDs. Old movies in 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm can also be copied and restored, Caswell said.

“It’s basically for the historical record,” Caswell said about why he wants the old images, but also he hopes to post some of the photos and films on the fire department’s Web site and make CDs to be held at the library that residents can check out and view.

Caswell said he would come and pick up photos, or they can be delivered to the fire station.

Everything will be returned in good condition, Caswell said. Call him at the fire station, 423-0062, or at home, 423-1159.

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