2005-10-27 / News

Volunteers needed to serve on town panels

Town officials are looking for volunteers to serve on eight separate committes, commissions, and boards.

• One vacancy with a three-year term exists on the Beavertail State Park Advisory Committee, which is charged with overseeing the use and operation of the park. Meetings are conducted twice a year.

• Three vacancies having threeyear terms exist on the Jamestown Conservation Commission. The purpose of this commission is to promote and develop the island’s natural resources, protect the watershed, and preserve natural aesthetic areas within the town. Meetings are monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.

• Three vacancies with three-year terms exist on the Jamestown Harbor Management Commission, which meets monthly. One representative is needed from each of the following categories: non-riparian recreational boaters, the commercial fishing industry, and commercial mooring operators.

The commission’s responsibilities include, regulation of the uses and activities within the waters of Jamestown, maintainance and improvements to public accesses to the bay, and remaining consistent with the goals and regulations of the town’s Comprehensive Community Plan, the state Coastal Resource Management Council, the state Department of Environmental Management, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

• One vacancy having a five-year term exists on the Jamestown Housing Authority. Meetings are conducted at the Pemberton Apartments, 45 Pemberton Ave., in the evenings at least once a month. Responsibilities include investigations into the living, dwelling, and housing conditions at these federally subsidized apartments, and into the means and methods of improving such conditions.

•Three vacancies with three-year terms exist on the Library Board of Trustees. The trustees act as legal guardians and custodians of the Jamestown library. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

• Three vacancies having four-year terms exist on the Jamestown Planning Commission. Meetings are twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays, with members receiving a small stipend at the end of the year. The commission is governed by both state and local laws. Responsibilities of the commissioners include consideration of growth, development, preservation, and land use in the town of Jamestown, updating the Comprehensive Community Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and subdivision regulations.

• One vacancy with a three-year term exists on the Town Tree Preservation and Protection Committee. The committee meets monthly to promote conservation.

• Two vacancies having three-year terms exist within the Water Resource Protection Committee. This committee is charged with the acquisition of open-space land or the development rights that protect or preserve the water resources of the town of Jamestown.

• Five vacancies exist on the Zoning Board of Review. Two are for regular members with a five-year appointment. Three are for alternate members, having one-year terms. Alternate members sit and actively participate in hearings and vote if a regular member of the board is unable to serve. Meetings are conducted once a month.

Applicants for these positions must be registered voters in Jamestown to be eligible for appointment. Anyone who wants to serve should submit an application and a letter of interest and background by Tuesday, Nov. 1, to the Town Clerk, 93 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown RI 02835.

Applications can be found at Town Hall, the Jamestown library at 26 North Main Rd., and on the Internet at www.jamestownri.net.

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