2005-10-27 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

clocks go back one hour that evening so that gives everyone one whole extra hour to party.”

Questions? Call Jean at 423-8947 or Kim Harpool, 423-3903. KAWOOOOoooooo!


Before going to the PAC that night, stop by 30 Beach Ave. and mingle in your costumes through the wonderful spectacle of Boy Scout Troop 1’s second annual Pumpkin Spooktacular, featuring more than 150 creatively carved and scary pumpkins.

Maryann Toppa, who organized the event that will happen rain or shine tomorrow and Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m., said that the carved pumpkins come from all over the island. There is always room for last minute entries so hustle your creations on down to the Toppa residence today or tomorrow. You can take it one step further and become a pumpkin head by donating $5 and a carved pumpkin. Pumpkin heads are rewarded with a souvenir pumpkin pin.

Kids will get free vampire teeth, and there’ll be spooky treats and a raffle. There is no admission fee, but donations for the troop will be accepted.

To get to the Toppa home while traveling north on North Rd., take a left on Tashtassuc Rd. (the access road next to the overpass), at the stop sign take a left on Helm, then a right on Mast. Go a block to Mast and Beach and the Toppas are at 30 Beach. Look for the lights.

And the spooky darkness.

Questions? Call Maryann, 4232866. KAWOOOOoooooooo!


Two islanders are making their debut as members of the Jamestown Community Theatre in the company’s production of “Honk!”, portraying their real life roles as a father and daughter.

For 8-year-old Allie Baldwin, this is a role she pursued. For her father, John, his role was a big surprise.

Allie brought her dad along to auditions for moral support. Her mom, Carol, said Allie was a bit nervous going in but settled down just fine with her father’s presence.

At one point Artistic Director

Mary S. Wright turned to John and

asked him if he would like to audition.

We all have possessions that are very special to us.

They need not necessarily be valuable, and in most cases they’re probably not. But to the individual they mean a great deal and their presence offers comfort and brings back pleasant times and pleasant faces.

Our friend Eric Bieler is going through the loss of a cherished possession and he doesn’t understand why. Someone just walked into his house on Green Lane in broad daylight and snatched it away.

Eric was sitting on his couch a little over two weeks ago and, as he often does, reached for his guitar. He kept it leaning against the couch. It wasn’t there. He searched all over the house. Looked in every possible place. Called family members asking if they had borrowed it.

But, he knew it had been stolen. He always kept it in the same place and no one close to him would have taken it without asking.

With anger in his voice, Eric explained, “It was the first guitar I purchased. It was back in 1974. It’s a classical Gianni with an odd shape. The guitar was not expensive but after 30 plus years with its dents and dings and worn marks it is priceless to me. I still can’t believe someone walked into my house and walked out with just the guitar. I still look behind the couch as if it will magically reappear. But it’s gone and I just say, why?

“I just want it back!”

If someone out there has a change of heart or a tug of conscience please return the instrument to Eric’s front porch. If someone has seen it or has information about the guitar, call this column at 423-0383 or 829-2760. We can arrange to have it picked up somewhere.


Skulk your way to the Portuguese American Citizens’ Club Saturday night for the annual adult Halloween costume party beginning at 7 p.m.

Organizer Jean Volpe says there’ll be a DJ, light fare and desserts. Prizes will be given out in several categories although costumes are not mandatory.

Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the door. Proceeds will be donated to local charities.

“Join us for a ghoulishly good time,” Jean said, “and remember, As she is so capable of doing, she talked him into it.

But it wasn’t until the cast list came out that he knew he had landed the part of Drake, the father duck, and the large singing and speaking role that goes with it. Allie, a thirdgrader at the Jamestown School, won the part of one of the ducklings, Waddle, and has lines in scenes with John.

“He never sang in anything. He’s never been in the theater,” said Carol of her husband. “He took piano and played the trombone in a band in college, but that was it.” Now she said that people come up to her and ask her about John’s voice. Carol didn’t get off scot free from involvement in the production. She’s working backstage and also on publicity.

The family’s interest in the JCT actually began 11 years ago when they moved to Jamestown. They met Tot and Mary Wright early on and learned of the troupe. They agreed that should they have children the theater company would be “a great thing to be in.” As Allie grew up she would often meet Mary in town and talk with her.

Last year, Allie appeared in the Island Moving Company’s “Newport Nutcracker” at Rosecliff. This year she had the choice of doing that again or being in “Honk!” She chose the latter.

She does get impatient, though, waiting to go on between scenes. Noting that actors with main roles are on stage more, she approached Mary one night last week and asked her, “Next time, can I have a big part?” HONK!


The fire horns at noon and six are right on the button!


His friends on Ferry Street would like to wish Steve Cirella a belated happy 50th birthday. Lotsa hugs for the young man.


Barbara-Ann MacIntosh emailed, “Hey, Daddy, I want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything. Hey, daddy, you gotta get the best for me!”

Bob Kinder e-mailed, “Hey, Daddy, I want a brand new car, champagne, caviar.”

Bill Sheehan left a message, “Hey, Daddy, I want a brand new car.” Everyone is right, great job, guys.


Islander Bill Karl, a composer and longtime member of the Jamestown Community Chorus, has written a new piece of music entitled “Prayer for Peace” that will be performed next month by the chorus at a multi-chorus concert, Rhode Island Sings, at the Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium in Providence.

Last week during a chorus rehearsal Bill’s two sisters and brother-in-law, Marilee Karl from Rome, Italy, and Betty and Jimmie Knowles from Austin, Texas, were introduced.

The sisters explained that they were unable to attend the concert and hoped to hear Bill’s song sung in rehearsal.

Chorister Andrea von Hohenleiten said that Chorus Director B.J. Whitehouse gave them a pep talk urging them to excel for the Karl family. The chorus had sung it only once before.

“We gave it all we had and it was beautiful!” Andrea said.


Kudos to Kristin Sheehan who has returned from two weeks in New Orleans as a member of RI1-DMAT, a federal medical disaster team.

Trained to set up and operate field hospitals, the team provided medical services to victims of hurricane Katrina. “The people there are amazing after what they’ve been through. Can you imagine leaving your home in the morning and never seeing it again? They’re the heroes, I can’t imagine ever having to go through that myself,” Kristin said.

She is a senior sales specialist with Eli-Lilly & Co. Great job!!


Halloween can be a fun time for your pets or it can be a very dangerous time. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic explains in his Pet Tip of he Week.

“Halloween is Monday and you want to make sure Fluffy has a good time (and a good costume) but don’t get too carried away. Remember, chocolate can be toxic to dogs and any snacks and treats could cause stomach upset, so keep the candy out of your pet’s reach.

“Also, resist the urge to use colored hair sprays on your pets — they don’t know enough not to lick it off and it could make them ill. If your pet is going trick or treating with you, do keep them on a leash and use some reflective tape on their costumes so cars and other trick-ortreaters can see them in the dark and everyone will have a ghoulish time!” WOOFOOOOoooooo!


The Jamestown Community Theatre has been asked to participate in a History Channel video production of events in Jamestown during the Great Hurricane of 1938.

The producers will be casting about 15 persons including some six children. Shooting is scheduled to take place Saturday, Oct. 29, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Bill Westall and Jeff Jaques teamed up as golf partners for the first time in May at the Jamestown Golf Course, and then went on to win both halves of the 2005 Twilight League. The sweep was described by a league member as “a rare occurrence in this very old Jamestown golf league.”

The dynamic duo then won a playoff as well. We’re told Chip Young was overheard telling his partner, “This could be the beginning of a dynasty.”


The Boy Scouts of Jamestown Troop 1 will be hanging plastic bags on your doorknobs Saturday, the 29th, and are asking islanders to put non-perishable food items in the containers for the annual Scouting for Food Drive to help replenish the local food bank.

The scouts will return to your homes on Saturday, Nov. 5, to pick up your donations and deliver the goods to St. Mark Church.

The most needed items are canned tuna fish, salmon, chicken, turkey, beef stew, canned ham, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, juices, dried fruits, red and brown beans, evaporated or powdered milk, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, rice, and macaroni and cheese.


Congratulations to islanders Elizabeth Mancini and the Rev. Gary Lemery, Community College of Rhode Island and Rhode Island Junior College alumni, for being honored Oct. 14 for their outstanding service to CCRI and the community.


Two former Jamestowners now meet almost daily in Barefoot Bay, Fla., and exchange stories of their lives in Rhode Island, though we’re told one of them, Peg Bentley, who was 84 on Tuesday, has the more interesting tales. While on the island, she lived on East Shore Road. She is Ted Gillerin’s mother.

The other former islander is John Lochmandy, who for the past four years, with his wife, has owned and published the Barefoot Tattler, a monthly tabloid that is distributed free to a community of 12,000 winter residents and 7,000 in the off season.

John e-mailed, “I meet Peg at one of the pools in Barefoot Bay and have had almost daily conversations (almost completely one-sided) and I have come to like her very much. Peg is a wealth of information about RI, Jamestown and Democratic politics. She is very sharp. Her memories are fascinating.”

Thanks, John.

Happy birthday, Peg. Anytime you want to share those memories with us up here in the cold zone our e-mail address is at the bottom of the column.


This Saturday night, we’ll lose more light. Set ’em one hour back. Monday, KAWOOOOooooooo


We welcome your contributions to this column — birthdays, anniversaries and other good stuff. You can call us at 423-0383 or 829-2760, email us at jtnwalrus@hotmail.com, or drop the item off at the Jamestown Press office, 42 Narragansett Ave.

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