2005-11-03 / Editorial

Fill an empty bowl tomorrow evening

This Friday, Nov. 5, be sure to visit the Melrose Avenue School from 4:30 to 8 p.m. and you can participate in the Empty Bowls project to help fight world hunger.

Students, parents and teachers at the Jamestown schools have worked since April to produce 400 ceramic bowls, as well as napkins and commemorative T-shirts, for this charitable event.

Guests will be given their choice of handmade bowls, hand-sewn cloth napkins, and a vintage soupspoon that they can use to enjoy a hot meal.

The Empty Bowls project is a nationally recognized program that offers meals around the country to raise money to battle world hunger. Local food banks are “seriously depleted” due to contributions to the victims of the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, so your help Friday evening will be greatly appreciated by many people.

Guests will donate $15 per person for the dinner, regardless of age. Islander Julia Montminy organized the event with the help of Liz Perez and Trish Van Cleef.

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