2005-11-03 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for a great season

Another fall recreation soccer season for the Jamestown Soccer Association came to an end last Saturday with light snow flurries falling on the Lawn Avenue soccer fields.

Unfortunately, we had a short season this year due to a few rainy Saturdays. All in all, we still managed to see some exciting soccer and celebrate our 25th anniversary as an association. Dan O’Donnell skillfully designed a clever logo commemorating our anniversary and it appeared on T-shirts for the coaches and Nike gym bags for all players. In addition, each player received a trophy and some pizza following their final game.

As the co-directors for the fall season, we would like to recognize the time and effort put forth by all those individuals who contributed to the program’s success by volunteering to coach a team or work in the concessions stand.

We would like to thank Mike Bradley and Steve Froberg for directing the excellent soccer skills sessions each week in the Under-6 league, along with several North Kingstown varsity soccer players who helped lead the kids in drills each Saturday morning.

Thank-you as well to Jay Sisson for co-ordinating and training the referees used throughout the season. The referees did an excellent job helping to keep the games running smoothly. We would also like to thank Jim Pemantell for faithfully picking up the fine Allie’s Donuts each week. We especially want to thank Liz Perez for her efforts as the league registrar. Thank-you to JSA President Stephen Evangelista and JSA board members Paul McDermott and Chris Small for all their assistance.

Last but not least, we thank each sponsor of the 22 teams put on the field this year for supporting our league. The smiles on the players’ faces makes us look forward to another 25 years of soccer in Jamestown!

Clayton Carlisle,

Jack Christie,

Mary Waddington, 2005 Recreation League


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