2005-11-03 / Letters to the Editor

Halloween fun

The Jamestown PTO would like to thank the community for making our Halloween Monster Bash last Friday night such a success. The first half, which was geared toward the younger kids, was very well attended, in fact, better than we had anticipated, and a little chaotic.

Our most sincere apologies to any of the younger children who were unwittingly frightened. We did have a couple of over-zealous teens that were eager to participate. The later portion was devoted to the teens, and was also well attended and enjoyed by all. The air-brushed tattoos, fortune teller, and tarot card reader were particularly successful, as were the pickled cow organs and mystery touch boxes prepared by Anne Marie Defley!

It was rewarding to see the different age groups in our community working together to make the event possible. Melissa Minto’s work with the Teen Center and Student Council members were key in making the “Bash” the success that it was.

The Jamestown Fire Department deserves special thanks for its many contributions. The department was especially generous in allowing us to use their space, facilities, and decorations. Chief Bryer and all the dedicated men and women in the department deserve our heartfelt thanks for their participation and enthusiasm, without which the party would not have been possible.

We are also grateful for the many PTO family members that donated their time and the wonderful array of food that was enjoyed and devoured by all. Next year we hope to have another “Bash,” with some of the kinks worked out.

Dori Hirsch, Sherri Deacon,

and Jackie Bell

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