2005-11-03 / News of Record

Police Log

Halloween arrests

• A 13-year-old boy was charged Oct. 31 with disorderly conduct after he allegedly shouted obscenities to a man trick-ortreating with his three-year-old daughter. The youth was turned over to his parents, police said.

• A 14-year-old boy was charged Oct. 31 with obstructing an officer after his knapsack was searched and a pipe, used typically to smoke marijuana, was found among the candy. The search occurred after the officer observed the group of boys spraying cars with shaving cream, police said.

After the pipe was discovered, the youth ran off and was chased for several blocks to his house by the patrol officer, police said. He was turned over to his parents, police said.

Vandalism reports

• An employee of the schools told police Oct. 31 that school buses had been sprayed with ketchup and mustard.

• A Frigate Street resident reported Oct. 31 that his mailbox and post were taken out of the ground and put on the hood of his car. Police said that the car had some scratches.

• A Pennsylvania Avenue resident told police Oct. 30 that a rock was thrown through a window of the house.

• Six residents of North Main Road reported Oct. 29 that all their mailboxes were pulled out of the ground and damaged.

Larcenies reported

• A man from Beacon Avenue told police Oct. 30 that several items were taken from his boat, which was trailered at Ft. Getty. Missing were life jackets, paddles, a fire extinguisher, a light pole, dock lines, a gaff, and a boat fender, police said.

• A Walcott Avenue man reported Oct. 25 that a flat-screen TV was stolen from his poolhouse. Police said that the TV was worth $5,000.

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