2005-11-03 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Boy Scouts Troop 1 went camping in New Hampshire last weekend.  Boy Scouts Troop 1 went camping in New Hampshire last weekend. Hope Darigan won’t talk about her costume. Other

than the fact it’s khaki and multi-colored she said it will remain a secret until opening night. Hope portrays Lowbutt the Goose in the Jamestown Community Theatre’s production of “HONK!” due to open next weekend at the Community Center.

She has been a member of the JCT for the past four years. She and her husband, Frank, had gone to JCT presentations during the 11 years they’d lived here. “It was fun to see our friends and neighbors up on the stage,” Hope said.

But it wasn’t until she heard the company was going to do “Peter Pan.” that she became involved with the JCT. Hope had seen the Broadway version at the Winter Garden in New York when she was in the seventh grade. She fell in love with the musical and just knew she had to be a part of the Jamestown production. She sang in the chorus and played the part of an Indian. She also sang and danced in “My Fair Lady,” and sang and was a lobster in “Down the Rabbit Hole, What’s a Nice Girl Like Alice Doing in a Place Like This?”

This is the first musical in which she has solo lines to sing. Saying she was “enticed into it,” Hope sings duets with cats portrayed by Patty Vandal and Michael Liebhauser. “It’s challenging and a lot of fun. I never had to memorize lines before. I’ve always been in the chorus. I”m a chorus person,” she said.

“The people are so great. Everyone is so supportive. It’s a great show with wonderful catchy music and a lot of humor.

“I’m so glad I’m in the play. It’s a great diversion. It makes you do things you didn’t know you would do.”

When we asked Hope to expound upon that, she replied, “Wait until you see the costume.”

“HONK!” opens next Friday, the 11th, at 7 p.m. Other performances are Saturday, the 12th at 7; Sunday, the 13th at 4; Thursday, 17th; Friday, 18th and Saturday, 19th, all at 7. HONK!


The Boy Scouts of Jamestown Troop 1 will be by Saturday to pick up the non-perishable food items that you leave in the plastic bags they dropped off last weekend.

If you did not receive a bag, call Scoutmaster Dave Volpe at 4232583 and he’ll see that you get one. If you’d rather, you can drop your donations directly at St. Mark Church Saturday morning.

The event is the annual Scouting for Food Drive to help replenish the local food bank.

Most needed items are: canned tuna fish, salmon, chicken, turkey, beef stew, canned ham, peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, juices, dried fruits, red and brown beans, evaporated or powdered milk, pasta, oatmeal, cereal, rice, and macaroni and cheese.


Snow on October 29??? Must have something to do with global warming.


It was certainly warmer the next day, and there we were along with Tot Wright and Bill Murphy walking along the rocky shoreline of Sheffield Cove portraying three fishermen for a film under production. Also on the beach were Madi Brown and Allie Baldwin, both 8, filling small buckets with stones. We were being filmed by cameraman Bob Long and Producer David Garte of Chicago’s Towers Productions.

It had all started with a phone call from Sonya Bieler last Thursday, asking us if we would like to be in the portion of the movie scheduled to be filmed in Jamestown over the weekend. The Jamestown Community Theatre had been contacted by producers from Towers Productions, asking if the theater group could round up background actors for the film, a documentary by the History Channel on the Great Hurricane of 1938. JCT

Artistic Director Mary S. Wright had asked Sonya to take on the responsibility of coordinating the gathering of the talent for the shoot.

We had to work Friday, so we offered our services for Saturday or, if need be, Sunday. The shoot for Saturday was cancelled due to the weather, so we got a call Saturday night to be at the PAC Club Sunday morning at 7:30. We had never been in a film before, but when Sonya calls at the behest of the JCT, we snap to action even if it is 7:30 on a Sunday morning.

One thing we learned right away about film making is don’t be in a hurry. Acting in films is a lot about waiting. At 8:30 Cathryn Jameson put on our makeup. In addition to being in the cast, Cathy also volunteered her immense talents in hair styling and makeup for the rest of the actors.

It was at that point that Supervising Producer Kathleen Quinn announced that the three of us would be the fishermen on the beach. Associate Producer Jason Bolicki went scrambling for appropriate clothing for us. We were all given the same type 1930s caps. We received an outdoorsy shirt and Bill ended up with a pair of waders that, thank goodness, he never had to wear.

At 10, we were alerted that filming had begun at Mackerel Cove and to proceed there forthwith. Upon arrival they were doing another scene. A half hour later we moved across the street to Sheffield’s Cove.

We must have walked up and down that beach six to eight times until David and Bob thought we had it right. At 11, they thanked us and asked if we could stay to help out as background actors with the crowd scene on the Mackerel Cove beach.

At about 12:30, we were asked to be a casual stroller crossing the beach to the water and to please remove our shoes and socks. We were to stop half way down to the water, greet two young lady sunbathers, and then proceed to the water’s edge. Thank heavens it was low tide. We had to do the scene some eight to 10 times before having it proclaimed a wrap.

Lunch at Trattoria Simpatico was one of the rewards. Our names in the credits on the film will be another. It was great fun. Kudos to Sonya for co-ordinating successfully a very difficult task.

Other Jamestowners who were film actors for the weekend are: Eric Bieler, Steve and Michael Liebhauser, Bonnie Jamison, Carol and John Baldwin, Kathleen Brown, Patty Vandal, Dana, Talley, Michael, and Durga Larkin, Johnna Jamieson, Clarke and Kathy Westall, Dan and Mike Harpool, Rebecca Brazil; Garrett Reis, Jenna Regan, John Knudsen, Hannah Cordes, and Kathy and Sydney Pazera.

See you on the History Channel in the spring.

*** The last cruise ship of the season departed our waters on Tuesday.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic continues his discussion of vitamins in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Two weeks ago, I had brought up vitamins for older pets, and today I wanted to touch on other available supplements. Glucosamine and chondroitin are precursors to cartilage and aid animals that have arthritis or joint problems. Pets with heart conditions may benefit from co-enzyme Q and carnitine to improve heart function and strengthen heart muscle. Increased fatty acid intake, especially omega fatty acids, as well as zinc supplements may greatly improve skin conditions and hair coat.

“Other pets with digestive issues may benefit from probiotics or additional digestive enzymes. Many of these supplements can be found over the counter, but it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian for doses and availability before starting your pet on any supplements. Many of these are intended to complement, and not replace, prescription medicines for your pet’s age-related conditions.” Thanks, Doctor! WOOF!


Despite the raw and rainy conditions last Saturday night, 160 people turned out for the second annual Boy Scout Troop 1 Pumpkin Spooktacular bringing to 385 the total number of visitors last weekend to the Toppa house on Beach Street.

Also, an additional 45 pumpkins over last year brought the spectacular display surrounding the Toppa home to 170 carved pumpkins.

Maryann Toppa, who organized and arranged the show, said that raffle winners were Debra Richards, Rebecca Heavey, Eileen Hoff, Stephanie Waterman, Dimitri Verrechioni, Jack Romano, and Maya Gamble. Great job, Maryann!! KAWOOOOooooo!!


Fourteen million gallons of waste dumped in Newport Harbor. Didn’t Save the Bay just dedicate its new headquarters in Providence. Why? Go figure!


Memo from the mountains. Scoutmaster Dave Volpe of Boy Scout Troop 1 reports that the troop had a great time at its campout a week ago last weekend in New Hampshire.

“We arrived at Camp Wanocksett around 9:30 Friday night. The Scouts set up camp, built a fire and enjoyed a cracker-barrel (cheese and cracker social around the campfire) before retiring for the evening.

“Saturday morning we woke to frost on the tents. The boys prepared a pancake breakfast before leaving on our hike. We began our walk up Mt. Monadnock at about 10:30 a.m. led by Drew Matley and Tom Munro. All the Scouts did an outstanding job on the hike to the summit. We arrived at the top at 12:30 p.m. It was 30 degrees and sleeting in 20 mile-per-hour winds. Needless to say, we did not stay long at the summit and descended to the tree line before stopping for lunch.

“We completed the hike without incident and returned to camp to start our campfire for dinner. While the Scouts prepared dinner the heavens opened and a monsoon started. The heavy rains continued throughout the night and into the morning. The boys remained dry throughout the evening. But, not the adults. Their tent had a leak. After a quick breakfast, the troop headed home.”

Following Tom and Drew up the mountain were Kevin Flanagan, Madison Hansen, Nathanial Hopkins, Nick Fay, Shane Farrelly, Cameron Toppa, Daniel Devon McMaster, Vaughn Nelson-Lee, Eric Archibald, Dylan Walsh, and Josh Nolan.

The adult leaders who got wet besides Dave were: Glen Hopkins, Jim Archibald, Vaughn NelsonLee, and Sue Fay. Great job, guys!


Elsewhere that weekend, three other members of Troop 1 traveled to Camp Yawgoog to complete their Order of the Arrow Ordeal, a three-day campout focused on inducting the attending scouts into the OA, a Scouting honor society.

Jamestown scouts attending were Ross Bohensky, Michael Brendlinger and Kyle Wright. Kudos!!


Let’s see, we’re now into November and still no decision on thinning out the island’s deer population.

We’re observing the melding of archaic local and state buracracies and the complete absence of common sense.


We knew it would come to this eventially. In this litigious society in which we all live, the island’s creatures are now looking for legal representation.

The Humane Society of Jamestown’s board of directors is currently in need of a lawyer who can assist them in providing counsel on various issues.

Linda DiMauro, president, said, “We would like to know if one of our members who may be a lawyer would be interested in either perhaps providing counsel on a per diem basis or perhaps at some point possibly assisting the board on a more permanent basis as one of the directors. If so, please let me know and we can discuss it further.” WOOF!


Tuesday is Election Day somewhere.


We welcome your contributions to this column birthdays, anniversaries and other good stuff.

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