2005-11-10 / News

Storm-water control ordinances go before Town Council

By Sam Bari

At the Nov. 2 Planning Commission meeting, commissioners unanimously approved the revised draft of the Post Construction Storm-water Control ordinance.

The approval came after Town Solicitor Lauriston Parks gave a line-by-line explanation of the revisions made by himself, Town Planner Lisa Bryer, and Town Engineer Michael Gray.

The three approved ordinances — Prohibition of Illicit Discharges, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control, and Post Construction Stormwater Control — can now be sent to the Town Council. If approved, the ordinances will be presented at a town hearing before being finalized and having a date set for enforcement to begin.

In other business, Planning Commission Chairman Gary Girard said that he has been attending the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission Municipal Training Series.

The last workshop was on team building, and the next one, which will be on Nov. 10 at Portsmouth High School will cover conservation subdivision design. The final workshop on Nov. 17 at the Royal Plaza Hotel, in Middletown will feature a workshop from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., a dinner from 6:30 to 7, and a final workshop from 7 to 8 p.m. The subject will be Setting the Bar for Performance Standards for Community Development. Girard highly recommended attendance by the commissioners if possible.

Bryer mentioned that she has inquired about Jamestown joining the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission at the request of the Town Council. Since the subject was a non-agenda item, it was decided to put the matter on the next agenda after the Town Council discussed the matter further.

In Bryer’s report, she also mentioned that she will send the three revised Stormwater Control ordinances that will bring the town into compliance with its Phase II Stormwater permit received by the Department of Environmental Management, to the Town Council for their approval.

Bryer met with the Department of Transportation to discuss phase one of the Conanicut Island Greenway Trail System that was listed for study and development in 2005 through 2007.

Pare Engineering, which is also working on four other bicycle trail projects throughout the state, will handle the study and development of this project.

This effort will coordinate with the project that was previously studied by Commonwealth Engineering for the DOT regarding bicycle and pedestrian access on and off the Jamestown Bridge. Both projects will be scheduled for construction in 2008.

Bryer has been working with the town department heads and Bill Burgin to finalize a schematic that will suit staff needs in terms of overall size and office layout. She said she would be meeting with Burgin and the department heads later in the week. She expects the various schematics to be presented to the reviewed by the town Council, it will go to the Planning Commission for development plan review as well as to the Zoning Board of Review in December for a special use permit.

The meeting was attended by Chairman Gary Girard and Commisioners Barry Holland, Betty Hubbard, Jean Brown, Richard Ventrone, and Victor Calabretta.

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