2005-11-10 / News

Land trust needs volunteers to help clear brush along North Rd.

The Conanicut Island Land Trust is looking for volunteers to help with its North Main Road clearing project. Acting in collaboration with the owners of properties on North Main Road, the land trust has developed a plan to clear brush and debris lining the east and west sides of the road.

Quentin Anthony, president of the land trust, explained the purpose of the project. “On both sides of North Road, north of the Great Creek, we have extraordinary fields and pastures which have existed for centuries and are now largely obscured from view by the brush that has grown up by the side of the road, Anthony said.

“This stretch of road has to be one of the most beautiful in our state, yet, at most times of the year, it is difficult to see the fields or the sheep and cattle grazing in them,” he continued.

“The open-space survey conducted in 2004 of the entire island indicated that our community placed a high value on scenic landscapes, and the Conanicut Island Land Trust believes that opening up the view of these fields is an important contribution to our island,” Anthony noted.

“This is an ambitious project because brush extends along so much of this corridor. It is a multi-year project, but the land trust expects to clear as much as 1,000 linear feet this year,” he said.

The Conanicut Island Land Trust intends to accomplish this project using volunteer help and will start the project on Saturday, Nov. 26, at 8 a.m. Anyone wishing to help should contact Craig Amerigian at 4231653 or 423-3537.

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