2005-11-17 / Letters to the Editor

A promise of better service

In our business, age is important . . . for the wine, the cheese and, most importantly, our customers. We have a responsibility to the community to strictly adhere to the policy that no minor should ever be able to purchase alcohol.

As you may know by now, the Class A Liquor License renewal for Grapes & Gourmet was not acted upon at Monday night’s council meeting for very good reason. On Friday, Nov. 11, an employee at my establishment failed to card a patron, and as a result we sold alcohol to a minor.

While I learned of this issue this morning (Monday) and have had very little time to research the specifics of the event, want all of Jamestown to know that I take this issue very seriously. Our staff has been trained to card anyone who appears to be less than 30 years old. We obviously did not do an effective job of this on Friday night.

So far, I have identified several specific steps that will be taken at Grapes & Gourmet as a result. Firstly, all staff members will attend newly-mandatory state-certified server training within the next 60 days. Secondly, Grapes & Gourmet, in conjunction with the local Anheuser Busch distributor, McLaughlin Moran, is co-ordinating a StreetSmart alcohol awareness presentation to be held at the North Kingstown High School in early December. In addition, our internal procedures will be reviewed and re-emphasized with all employees, on an ongoing basis, regarding this issue.

Other steps will be taken, and our diligence will be heightened. As the owner of Grapes & Gourmet — the one ultimately responsible — I apologize to my fellow residents of Jamestown. You deserve better, and it is my responsibility and commitment to ensure that you get better service.

Please don’t be offended when we ask for your ID.

Frank LaPere, Grapes & Gourmet, 9 East Ferry Wharf

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