2005-11-17 / Letters to the Editor

Lions Club needs your help

It is that time of year again when the Jamestown Lions Club reaches out to the residents of Jamestown for their continuing charitable help.

The Lions Club supports a number of local charities and scholarship programs. One of the most unique local charities that the Lions Club works with is an organization called “Threads of Love.” This is a group of Jamestown women who make dolls and clothing for premature babies born in Rhode Island. The Jamestown Lions Club provides funds for these women to buy the materials needed to make the dolls and clothing.

I have had the opportunity on several occasions to watch these dolls being made by a group of women, and thought, as they filled bag after bag, that they had surely made enough for a year. But I came to find out it was just about a month’s supply based on the number of premature babies being born each month. The March of Dimes reports that today the number of premature babies being born is about one in every eight births.

The dolls and the clothing are a small but very appreciated sign of support that these parents receive during an extremely trying period as these babies fight for survival. Unfortunately, some don’t make it, and the clothing made by these women are the garments in

which these little ones are buried with. There are other charities the Lions support which are much better known to the community, such as the Children’s Cancer Fund, local scholarship programs, the continuing support of the Christmas programs at the local churches, and a camp for blind children.

Enclosed in this issue of the Jamestown Press is our annual appeal, which we hope will receive its usual positive response. Please use the enclosed envelope to forward your donation to the Lions club. Should you have any questions about the club’s activities or wish to join to help us in our local efforts, please contact myself, Matt Clarke, John Murphy, or any other Lions member. You could also email wakmek@aol.com to obtain more information about the Jamestown Lions Club.

With warmest regards for a joyous Christmas season,

Bill Kelly, president, Jamestown Lions Club

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