2005-11-24 / News

A night aboard the battleship Massachusetts

On Nov. 12 and 13, a group of 44 Scouts and parents from Jamestown Pack 1 shipped off for an overnight adventure on the battleship Massachusetts. Outfitted with sleeping bags and lots of snacks they embarked on a cruise back in time. “Big Mamie,” as she is called, is like a floating city. Scout Packs from far and wide came to explore the maze of endless passages leading to one amazing sight after another — huge guns, tight spaces, row upon row of shells taller than most of the Scouts. They found radio and radar rooms, engine rooms, an infirmary, and a dentist. Everywhere there were bunks stacked four from floor to ceiling and filled with Scouts and parents. Soon they discovered these bunks creaked with the slightest movement or deep breath. The weather was perfect and the chow was good and hot. There were classes in knot tying, Morse code, and several movies to watch. Everyone hit the bunks to the sound of taps and creaked their way through the night until revelry called them to breakfast. The battleship alone was enough to keep them busy during their stay, but there was also in the Maritime Museum, the PT boats, and the three other large vessels, so the Scouts found themselves constantly on the go. As they went down the gangway for the last time, they all agreed that their stay was a once in a lifetime adventure.

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