2005-12-01 / News

Youths complete babysitting course at library

Recently 27 island students between the ages of 11 and 15 completed the all-day intensive Red Cross babysitting course, where they learned how to handle potential situations while babysitting.

Among the lessons taught the participants were how to perform first aid and get professional help fast, identify common safety hazards and prevent injuries, make responsible decisions, supervise infants through school-age children, choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games. They also learned how to perform basic care routines like diapering, feeding and dressing, to prepare simple meals and snacks, handle bedtime issues, and how to find and interview for babysitting jobs.

All of the students have received or will soon receive American Red Cross Babysitting certificates.

Those who completed the course are Maia White, Tory Allen, Stephanie Waterman, Haley Rotondo, Shannan Halliday, Christina Halliday, Sean Stanford, Isabelle J. Hyder, Kelsea Britto, Zachary Henning, Jessica Rudman, Samantha Bucklin,

Nicole Perez, Camille Davis, Tommy Jackson, Taylor Krystkowiak, Mary Kate Sullivan, Julia Hansen, Daniel Hansen, Ellen Bednarczyk, Shannon Sheekey, Shay Reilly, Meagan Salt, Jessica Safford, Alyson Doyle, Katie Matley, and Caitlin Schnack.

This program was offered through the generosity of the Friends of Jamestown Library, who plan to hold another babysitting workshop in the spring.

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