2005-12-01 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

keeping with the spirit of the season.

We began our quest Sunday morning in McQuade’s. Paula Noll began properly by saying she “wants a new car.”

Heather Ryng replied that she doen’t want anything but “hopes her kids have a good Christmas.”

Sherri Messenger said she wants “my brothers to quit smoking.”

Think about what you’d die for and cannot live without. When you see us coming shout it out!

Of course, you can always call or e-mail. No politics, please, and we all want peace on earth.


Narragansett Avenue is not the same avenue with the Gansett black.


Young Chris Crawford is walking around a bit off the ground. His beloved Indianapolis Colts stomped on the Patriots and were undefeated going into last weekend.


If the youths in your family would like to do some Christmas shopping on their own without adults looking over their shoulders, they’ll have that opportunity today, tomorrow, and Saturday at the Jamestown School on Melrose Avenue.

The PTO will once again open its Young Shoppers’ Store, complete with elves to guide the youngsters in their gift purchases.

There’ll be Chamber Checks and gift cards, a bake sale, and the PTO Cafe if you’re in need of refreshments. HO! HO! HO!


Don’t forget to help illuminate the island Saturday. The PTO is sponsoring “Starry Night,” where residents and businesses will be asked to light rows of luminaries at 5 p.m.

They can be purchased for $10 from the Village Hearth Bakery, Cathryn Jamieson Salon, Slice of Heaven, the Purple Door, and the offices at the schools. Liz Byrne said that proceeds will go toward the support of the school.

Each kit contains the necessary ingredients to make 10 luminaries

that will burn safely for up

to four hours and then self-extinguish.

The St. Mark basketball season is underway with five

teams from the island church entered in the Catholic Athletic League. All the teams are reportedly looking very strong this year.

Spokeswoman Mary Heath said the 8th-grade girls, coached by Kevin O’Connor, entered the Open Division this season. In the A Division, there is the combined 6thand 7th-grade girls’ team coached by Eddie Gillis, 8thgrade boys under the tutelage of Chris Crawford, 7th-grade boys coached by Tom Waddington, and the combined 5thand 6th-grade boys coached by Mary.

She invites everybody to stop by the Jamestown School’s Lawn Avenue gym Sundays from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. for some great hoop action and to cheer the teams on.

Last year, St. Mark brought home two trophies in the A Division. The 7thand 8th-grade girls won the state championship, and the 7th-grade boys the regional championship. Go St. Mark!!


Barbara-Ann Mac Intosh emailed in the right lyrics from two weeks ago — “I can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to me!”

Humming last week’s lyrics, Betty Kinder wrote, “(You) Got Bob (husband Bob) on that one — but I knew. Lee Ann Womack sings “I may hate myself in the morning, but I’m gonna love you tonight.”

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! “I may hate myself in the morning for falling in love tonight.”

How about this one Betty! “We’re off on the road to Morocco ? ? ? ? ? ?


Well, Santa and his elves have recovered from the huge Thanksgiving dinner that Mrs. Claus had flown in by Chopmist Charlie’s Catering and everyone at the North Pole has geared up for the final three weeks before Christmas.

Now Santa has to check to see who has been naughty or nice and program all the information into his flight plan for Christmas Eve.

As in years past, we ask readers what gifts they would like to get for Christmas. We’re interested only in materialistic stuff in

A lovely way to begin the Christmas season. More HO! HO! HO!


Winter can bring with it dangers for your pet as Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic points out in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“The cold and snow bring with them a few potential hazards for your pets. The first is car antifreeze. This fluid tastes sweet to dogs and cats, but even a small amount can be life threatening and is difficult to diagnose and to treat. Do not let your pet drink from puddles in the street or in your driveway, and make sure that this poison is stored very safely away from animals in your garage. Contact your pet’s doctor immediately if you suspect exposure to this toxin.

“Another common issue with pets is the use of rock salt on icy walks and driveways. This can be very irritating to animals’ feet and pads. Whenever your pet gets back from a long walk, make sure you wipe its paws clean of any residue before your critter licks them and then also irritates its mouths. You can apply a thick petroleum jelly to your pet’s footpads before walks or invest in some ‘doggie booties’ to keep the salt off their feet as well.” Thank you, Doctor! WOOF!!


Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 reported to the Neale Farm on North Road Saturday to help the Conanicut Island Land Trust clear brush from along side the road enabling the public to better see the farmland.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said the project will help everyone “better appreciate what we have in Jamestown and raise awareness and support to help preserve it.” The Scouts cut and dragged brush from the road side and piled it in a meadow to be picked up later.

Great job, guys, it looks great.


Troop member Ross Bohensky was a little busy Saturday and unable to help out with the land trust project. Ross was at Heads Beach laying the ground work for his Eagle Scout Project.

Ross is building a boat rack to help protect the area from damage caused by storing boats and kayaks on the open beach. The project entails digging holes for the footings, pouring cement, building the rack, and cleaning and policing the beach for trash and debris.

Ross will be out there again this Saturday.

When completed, the project will not interfere with the view should anyone want to gaze at Newport.


Let’s see. Now we’re in December, and there still has been no decision on culling out the deer population. This has the looks of another long-range highway barn fiasco and the continuing inability to SHOUT NO at a nonsensical and unnecessary noise ordinance. What’s next?


Wednesday is Pearl Harbor Day. Fly your flag in remembrance of the cowardly attack on our nation on that day in 1941. In fact, fly it everyday in remembrance of the cowardly attack on our nation just four years ago. How soon we forget.

*** Be true!


We welcome your contributions to this column — birthdays, anniversaries and other good stuff.

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