2005-12-08 / Letters to the Editor

A tree for East Ferry

I would like to make a suggestion to the people of Jamestown, and back it up with an offer. Each year a large evergreen tree is cut down, transported to East Ferry, stood up with a crane, and lashed into place. Thanks to the generosity of Conanicut Marine Services and a whole host of volunteers, the tree is decorated, and a wonderful tree lighting ceremony takes place on the first weekend of December.

I love the way that the tree looks and its always frustrating to see it come down and get cut into bits with a chainsaw during January. It seems awfully wasteful.

I am offering to open a bank account into which donations can be made to fund the purchase and installation of a permanent tree. You know, one that lives and breathes and could be enjoyed year ‘round.

If the Rocket Dawgz can raise 20 grand for fireworks, then surely we can cobble together a few grand for a tree. Even less would be required if a local excavator would donate the site work.

Hopefully, no one would object to this idea as there’s virtually no down side. This year’s tree fell over in the wind, and thankfully, no one was injured, and nothing was damaged. We might not get lucky twice. Perhaps the best way to get started is to have anyone objecting to the idea write to this paper and voice their concerns. Assuming that no one objects, we could move forward by announcing the fund in this paper. Please send thoughts and comments to the Jamestown Press.

William Tuthill


Senseless killing

After having an enjoyable luncheon with friends, I came home to find something that disturbed me deeply. Lying on the floor of my garage was a dead squirrel. Upon inspecting the poor thing, I found that it had been shot through the stomach.

The squirrel was struggling to get home to its nest above the loft in the garage, where they are warm during the winter, but it didn’t make it.

Why do people kill innocent creatures? Is it the violence they see on TV, or in video games, where the objective is to blow away anything that moves? Or is it a slow erosion of moral turpitude that seems to be the norm today?

If any of the above applies to the person who got a “high” from such useless killing, then I believe you sleep well at night. Or do you?

Ted Zimmerman

Whittier Road

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