2005-12-15 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

More letters to the North Pole via Jamestown

Postmaster Charlie Burns (unedited):

“Dear Santa Claus,

“I am very happy it is x-mas again. I still believe in you 100%. I am improving in school my teacher says. One of my friends does not believe in you 100% please write me a letter about how you deliver all those presents in one night. I will show him it and make him believe in you 100%.

(There is a key accompanying each of the items on the following list. A star for ‘really want’, a triangle for ‘would be happy with’, and a zero with ‘don’t really need.’)

1. (star) Cell phone with camera and itune

2. (triangle) A red with white strips soft surf boar

3. (star) A 150 ccs Yamaha ATV with 4 wheel drive.

4. (triangle) You know how last year you gave me a bag of yagi oh cards well this year I would like a bag of hotweels cars.

5. (star) Lots of remote controlled vehicles with shocks and 4 weel drive.

6. (big star) A high powered gas dirt bike with HUGE shocks

7. (triangle) Aplay station with good games

8. (star) A BB gun with lazer pointer and scope.

9. (two stars) A red, white and blue trick bike with MEGA shocks and pegs.

10. (zero).......dirtbike accessories and gear.

11. (triangle) A car drawing kit with stencils

12. (star) A wide screen plazma TV

(no number) “(star) a good slik slidding sled

your fan Nicholas

P.S. if anyone else gives you presents then tell me that in the letter.”

“Dear Santa,

“Here are a few things that I would like for Christmas

l. Power Rangers S.P.D. Delta Squad Megazord

2. Episode 3 Star Wars Revenge of the sith for PS2

3. Star Wars Saga edition lightsaber battle game.

4. Video now XP 5. Chicken little for PS2 Thanks, Kenzie”

“Santa please a violin I want it Ulia”


If you’re looking for a sensible and utilitarian gift, and at the same time help out the Jamestown Community Chorus, check out the special tote bags for sale at Jamestown Hardware.

The canvas bags are available as white tote bags or black briefcase style carriers. They’re only $10 and with the distinctive RISings logo on the side identifies you as a music lover.

If they’re out of them at the store, call B.J. Whitehouse, 4231574.


Patty Vandal and Charlie Masso finished the lyrics correctly. “To each his own, I found my own, my one and only you.”

John A. Murphy commented, “I know the fantastic Ink Spots did a beautiful rendition of this song, but I haven’t heard it for a while.” John guessed, “I found my own true love.” Close, but no cigar.


John Doty says it looks like we’re in for another winter of slipping and sliding on North Road in front of the dump. He said the water drainage problem still has not been corrected, and we can look forward to glaciallike conditions again this year. Go slow.

*** “I don’t want her you can have her she’s too ? ? ?


Pets tend to see Christmas decorations in a different light than we do. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic explains this in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“Fluffy and holiday decorations don’t mix all that well. Both cats and dogs tend to find Christmas trees, holiday lights, decorations, and candles as play things that may well end up bringing them straight to their doctor’s office.

“Tinsel and string can get eaten by pets and require surgery to remove so keep them out of Fluffy’s reach or avoid them all together. Hang plastic and inexpensive ornaments on the lower half of trees so you won’t have glass on the ground or bleeding paws or lips. Make sure candles are put well out of your pet’s reach (paws and tails) to avoid that burnt-hair smell.

“And finally, you can use bitter apple spray or citrus sprays in the water at the base of the tree and on the ornaments and decorations themselves to discourage your pet from playing with those potential hazards.”


Anyone know where we can buy a real dill pickle? The kind we used to buy from the barrel and it dripped on our shirts all the way home.


What is on islanders’ wish lists for Christmas?

Andy Brown at Baker’s would like “peace and quiet and a piece of land in Maine.”

“A stereo for my car,” replied Katie Westall.

At BankNewport, Marlene Murphy said she misses her dog and would like the sounds of a new canine around the house.

Her husband Bill’s helicopter is still in the system.

Jean Ceppi would welcome an in-ground swimming pool.

Diane Wright responded quickly, “A maid.”

Mary Murphy at BankNewport said she wants “my brother (Robert Leach Jr.) to come home safely from Iraq.”

Kaan Kurt is hoping for a skateboard.

Mike Harpool would like to have his own room.

“Uggs,” replied Molly Conlon working the counter at Baker’s.

Carolina Breakell said getting into college is at the top of her list.

“A trip to California to see my daughter,” Laura Brown said.

Working with Laura at the deli counter at McQuade’s, Sandy LaPlant is wishing for a healthy and happy grandchild due Feb. 1. HO! HO! HO!


What is it about a little snow that drives Rhode Island radio announcers bonkers?


The Jamestown Rotary Club is in its annual fund-raising drive. It’s an organization of our neighbors who put much effort into the community and is well worthy of our financial consideration.


Can we expect a raccoon to be added to the livestock at the Christmas Pageant?


Mary S. Wright e-mailed telling us islander and Jamestown Community Chorus director B.J. Whitehouse, along with one of his third-grade students, were named winners of the Magnificent Education: Out of This World Teacher Contest.

B.J., a music teacher at Wilbur and McMahon School in Little Compton, and Andrea Desilets were cited during a surprise assembly at the school on Dec. 6.

Andrea nominated B.J. as her “out of this world” teacher for his special involvement in the school community.

With the contest sponsored by the Feinstein Imax Theatre, Andrea’s award included a field trip for her whole school to the theater to see “Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon.” B.J. won all sorts of goodies, including a day at a Providence spa. We’d like a picture of that!


If you’re wondering what happened to that bright light that used to bounce off the clouds above Schooner Avenue this time of year, it’s moved to Intrepid Lane.

The Rafanelli family has changed residences but not the great Christmas display that drew hundreds of decoration admirers to their street each year and helped guide Santa and his sleigh to Conanicut Island on Christmas Eve.

Under the tutelage of Artistic Director Matt Rafanelli the new house has blossomed into another Christmas spectacular. The front is decorated with white lights and a manger scene and the back yard populated with Christmas characters, including four snowmen, four Santas, a reindeer team complete with Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, multi-colored lighted trees, and lighted candy canes.

Matt had help from brother John and dad Tony, and it took four days to set up, with work still in progress. HO! HO! HO!


The Jamestown Baseball Association is still looking to field a 13to 15-year-old travel team to play, possibly in the Newport League.

The association has to have some idea of how many potential players are out there. Parents of interested players are asked to contact Tony Rafanelli at 4233953. “We would need to field a team of a minimum of 12 dedicated players,” Tony said.

The association will be holding its informational sessions for parents starting next month. Stay tuned.

*** Be true!


We welcome your contributions to this column — birthdays, anniversaries, and other good stuff. You can call us at 423-0383 or 829-2760, e-mail us at jtnwalrus@ hotmail.com, or drop the item off at the Jamestown Press office, 42 Narragansett Ave.

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