2005-12-22 / Editorial


Well, Santa, another year has flown by and Christmas is here again. Where

does the time go? We know you’re pretty busy right now, but we wanted to share our holiday wish list with you.

Last year, we asked you for a new highway barn. We still need one. We know it’s probably tough to squeeze such a present into your famous gift bag, but maybe you could make an exception in this case. The public works crew could really use a new facility. Have you seen what they are using now?

Remember, the highway barn doesn’t have to be spectacular. We need a simple building where the town can store and work on equipment. Throw in some offices and restrooms. We’d like the barn built with the minimum of fuss and as little impact as possible on the islanders’ tax bills.

We don’t want to take too much of your time. There are a few other things we could use, but the highway barn is the biggie.

It looks like we’ve got a new town administrator coming on board to help kick off the new year in Jamestown. And we seem to be making progress on a new town hall/office building that will be constructed on Narragansett Avenue. We don’t think that the proposed structure will be in anybody’s back yard. A new animal shelter is also expected to arrive in 2006.

When you are flying around the world this Christmas Eve remember those folks who are less fortunate. Please sprinkle a good ration of peace across the many nations that are at war.

Give our regards to all your helpful Elves and to Rudolph and the reindeer. Remember to fly safely.

Merry Christmas!

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