2005-12-22 / News

Frostbite sailing results

A flat gray sky and a light, spotty west wind greeted eight frostbiters the Sunday, Dec. 18. The day’s normal race committee procedures turned annoying. Race Committee Dick Allphin could only go backwards in the RC boat. Atricky gearshift would not go into forward. John Horton anchored the flag-end of the starting line only to see the flag quickly sink below the surface. Sloppy seamanship put a knot in the line making it too short for the depth.

With a new starting line set up off town beach at East Ferry, five races were held. The racing was close. At the halfway turn, boats were overlapped trying to pass each other while going around the mark. Many finishes were close enough that the sailors had to ask the committee who beat whom.

And, at the end of the day the annoying turned humorous. During the last race the sunken starting flag re-appeared above the water. The knot must have worked itself out. And the RC boat went into forward as it was being docked. Who knows.

John Quinn won the day with consistency, four seconds and a first.

Results were: first, John Quinn, 9 points; second, John Horton, 12; third, Martin Keen, 13; fourth, Winston Knight, 22; fifth, Doc Clarke, 25; sixth, Joe Logan, 31; seventh, Mike deAngeli, 32; eighth, Gary Fisher, 33.

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