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Bousquet book marks 25 years of cartoons

By Donna K. Drago

He’s at it again.

Just coming off the success of his recently published “Rhode Island Cookbook,” cartoonist Don Bousquet has put out another book illustrating 25 years of his successes as a cartoonist.

Called “State Trooper on the Beach,” the quarter-century retrospective is a great way to revisit Bousquet’s single-frame commentaries on Rhode Island eccentricities.

As far as Bousquet’s concerned, “They’re the best” cartoons he has come up with over the years, including those for which he said he’s received “death threats” and been sued over. “Those happen to be my favorites,” he noted.

Published for many years in Yankee Magazine and the Providence Journal, Bousquet has a unique way of defining Rhode Islanders and their many quirks with a few swipes of his black marking pen.

He has a special affinity for South County dwellers and is himself a resident of nearby Saunderstown.

He said he’s only taken one introductory art course in his life, and received a grade of “C” for his efforts, but he did receive an honorary Ph.D. in fine arts from Rhode Island College in later years.

He got into cartooning after being inspired as a teenager by a cousin who “was so funny he could put people on the floor with laughter,” Bousquet said. “I wanted to do that, too,” he added.

In 1980, Bousquet told his wife that he was quitting his full-time job to be a cartoonist, and lucky for him, and all his fans, he’s never looked back.

Costing $19.95, the book is available at Jamestown Designs and on the Web site www.donbousquet.com.

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