2005-12-22 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

new committee, and we want to thank the outgoing committee for its many years of hard and diligent work in organizing the annual event. Its only obstacle is rain.

Thanks to Tinny (Wharton) Biddle, Nancy and Jennie Cloud, Martha Milot, Ann Biddle, and pageant founder Jeanne Bunkley.

Jeanne will continue on as a member of the new committee that is headed by pageant director Susan W. Lutes. Other committee members are Bill Munger, Matt Bolles, Don Richardson, Jim McLoughlin, Mary Waddington, and Mary Heath.

Kudos to all.

The pageant takes place Christmas Eve at 5 on Shoreby Hill Green.

It is the beginning of Christmas on the island.


A Christmas plea for Charlie from a good friend:

“I am writing on behalf of Charlie, aka the Paws & Claws model. You know him, you love him, everyone does. He has a gentle nature and a big heart. Unfortunately, he also has extremely bad hips.

“Charlie has a wish. He needs new hips. Any chance someone out there in our town would be willing to help?? We have seen the Dog Lovers. They are everywhere!! Would someone come forward and give ‘Charlie’ new hips for Christmas??

“Who will be ‘Charlie’s Angels?’

“Please help us get the word out that this dog is worth the time, surgery, the donation. . .

“With love, Catherine Gregory”


Winter brings more challenges for you and your pet. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic outlines some of them in his Pet Tip of the Week.

“This week just a few more cold weather tips for your canine companions. If your Fluffy frequently lifts his or her paws, whines, or stops during walks in

the snow or cold, your dog is

demonstrating that his or her feet

Letters from Jamestown youngsters for the North

Pole: (unedited)

“Dear Santa Claus,

how are you? I am fine. Thise is Ana’s frist Christmas! Im third grade I am learning cursive! I have a retainer that is driving me crazy! Ana is two years old. She calls me ne-ne. My Aunt Ellen is leaving Christmas morning at 6:00 to my uncls wedding so instead of having Christmas at her house wich we unually do, we are having it at our house.

“‘Merry Christmas! Love, Nellie’”

“Dear Santa,

how are you? Do you like cookies? I have been a good girl. this year could I please get a real bunny in a cage, and sky dancer. Also a new bike.

“bye Santa Love Heidi”

“Dear Santa

May I please have a new CD for my computer. A journal with my name on it. A saint lucia’s dress. Some Amarican girl doll clothes. A new book of encyclopedia ot animals. A new dressor. Please walk the dressor thrugh the door.

“thank you Santa and your raindeer. What would you like for a nighttime snack? love Eliza”

Kudos to Jamestown Postmaster Charlie Burns for sharing these letters with us the last three weeks and being sure they get to Santa for a reply before Christmas. HO! HO! HO!


The month of December on the island is full of the hoopla and glitter of the season. There are activities every weekend and neighbors and friends gather and renew old bonds. This is good.

It is also good that on Christmas Eve, in a brief yet fulfilling and moving ceremony on Shoreby Hill, we are reminded of what we are celebrating. The birth of the Christ child.

This year the Christmas Pageant has been turned over to a are uncomfortably cold and may benefit from doggie boots. Be sure to get your dog used to wearing boots before the cold weather sets in by letting them wear them around the house under your supervision.

“Also consider the amount of exercise your pet will be getting this winter. If Fluffy stays indoors more and is getting less excercise he or she my need less food; however, if your pet is outside often, it may need more food to burn the calories necessary to produce more body heat to stay warm.

“Finally, if your dog does have run of a fenced in yard, keep an eye on snowdrifts from piling up near your fence and providing a potential escape route for Fluffy!” WOOF!


Last week’s lyrics jarred the memories and singing voices of a few islanders.

Bill Sheehan phoned and sang “I don’t want her you can have her, she’s too fat for me.” Also phoning were Jillian Barber, Rose Fraley, Marilyn Dutton, who said she remembers Monty Neronha’s mother singing it in a musical at the Grange Hall, and Helen Zachadnyk of Cumberland.

E-mailing the correct lyrics were Charlie Masso; S.A. Beaulieu, who described herself as a “proud daughter of a Polish woman,” Barbara-Ann MacIntosh, Nancy Logan, and Chris Minus, who labelled the song “a good oldfashioned polka.” Linda Maclean remembered, “My grandmother used to sing that one to me.”

Matt Bolles correctly identified the lyrics and went on to say, “The song title, as I remember it, is ‘The Too Fat Polka.’ It was probably recorded by several people, but the one I remember was by the late great comedy duo Homer and Jethro. There is an interesting side note to that. Jethro Burns, although famous for his comedy act with Homer, was actually an accomplished mandolinist and a true pioneer of jazz on that instrument. His playing has been an inspiration for today’s really hot jazz, pop, and bluegrass mandolinists.

“Something like 25 years ago he actually played a live solo concert here in Jamestown at the old Bomes Theatre before it became a mini-mall. The concert was arranged by none other than our own Bill Sprague. Yours truly, and a few other local players got to be the warm up band and actually played a few tunes with the master before he took over the show. I’m forever indebted to Bill for that wonderful experience.” Great story, thanks Matt!


John Doty reminds us that it was 20 years ago this month that the Bay View Hotel was torn down.


Whatever happened to kids and stilts?


Mary Heath reports that her St. Mark CYO 5th/6th-grade boys team is undefeated, winning its first five games of the new season. “On Dec. 11, we won 24-22 in an exciting overtime game against St. Cecilia. Kevin McDermott scored the basket to tie up the game and Joe Reale made the only basket in overtime to clinch the victory.”

In addition to Kevin and Joe, the team’s roster consists of Owen Heath, Anthony McDonald, Nathan Lambert, Tyler Woodward, Matt Rafanelli, Adam Southworth, Danny Bailey and James Chamberlain. Go Team!!


The weather pundits are saying again that the sunshine is “ineffective.” Worry, worry, worry!


What do islanders want for Christmas?

At the Cathyrn Jamieson Salon, Katie Leonard wants some warm weather.

Bonnie Jamison answered “win the lottery and go to the South Pacific.”

Cathyrn herself would like a red Ferrari.

Rosemary Tutsch said she wants “Barbara Martin’s Bundt cake.”

“A trip to the Virgin Islands” replied Jana Hoffmeister.

Emmy Lutes is hoping for a laptop computer.

Sam Bari wants to catch a bigger fish than he caught this year.

A Hawaiian vacation is at the top of Jen Benoit’s list.

B.J. Whitehouse, “a 1937 Auburn Cord.”

“Win the Powerball,” said Dayna Ross.

Dan Clark has always wanted an old-fashioned split-finger baseball glove.

“A new basketball hoop,” said Tom Stacom.

Mike McDermott would like a TV.

“A X-Box 360,” said Will Deffley.


Scouts moved up in rank and celebrated the season at Troop 1’s Court of Honor and Christmas party last Thursday.

Drew Grande, district executive with the Narragansett Council, spoke to the troop and guests prior to the presentations. Sam Baugh was welcomed as scout. Daniel Bailey, Josh Nolan, James Perry and Nick Lutes made tenderfoot. Cameron Toppa and Christopher Waterman were awarded first class badges.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe extends his thanks to all the adult leaders and parents who volunteer their time and efforts o make the scout program a success.

On the weekend before, the troop camped out at Camp Feinstein in Pascoag. With eight to 10 inches snow on the ground the scouts enjoyed a game of manhunt, explored the camp and took part in a massive snow ball fight.

Dave said that many worked on their skills and advancement. “It turned out to be a great campout and all had a good time,” he said.

Attending were Brian Volpe, Nathaniel Hopkins, Devon McMaster, Dylan Walsh, Cameron Toppa, Daniel Bailey, Josh Nolan, Vaughn Nelson-Lee and Nick Fay.

*** Yesterday was the winter solstice. You can feel the days getting longer.

And on this day in 1620 the Pilgrims had spent their first night in the new world.


Abig KA-HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas to all!!!

*** Be true!


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